Hawaii at No. 7 in poll, drops to 21 in RPI

November 5th, 2012

No surprise they dropped given who they played this week in the BWC and some of the other teams UH beat earlier losing



1. Stanford Unanimous with 60 votes.

2. Penn State up from 3

3. Texas up from 7

4. Oregon drops form 2

5. Washington up from 8

6. UCLA down from 5

7. Hawaii up from 9

8. USC down from 6

9. Nebraska down from 4

10. Minneosta stays at 10


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  • Warrior-15

    Hawaii’s ranking goes up from 9 to 7 in the AVCA poll.

    But Hawaii’s RPI drops from 18 to 23 this week.

    • dedicatedfan

      Where did you see the new RPI, thought it was not out yet.

      • Warrior-15

        it’s up on Rich Kern’s web site, if you have a subscription.

        • Beauston

          RKPI also posted on VT

          • Access Denied

            RKPI isn’t the NCAA’s RPI it’s Kern’s version and often doesn’t jive with the NCAA.

          • Warrior-15

            Not true — the RKPI nearly always mimics the NCAA’s RPI. If there is a difference, it’s usually just been a one spot difference in the numerical rating. (probably depending on how numbers are rounded in the formula…)

            The RKPI and RPI have matched up so far this season.

          • Access Denied

            As usual Warrior 15 it incorrect.

          • Warrior-15

            Beauston — the RPI that is currently up on Volleytalk, under the thread: “Projected RKPI (11/5/2012″ … that is not today’s RPI.

            That is a projection on where teams would end up at the end of the season, if every teams wins all the matches they should win according to a separate Pablo rating. (So in that list, Hawaii could finish at 23, assuming they win out their remaining matches.)

            The RPI or RKPI for today has not been posted on Volleytalk yet.

        • Access Denied

          Only fools give money to Rich Kern and John Tawa

          • Warrior-15

            you won’t subscribe to Rich Kern …

            so without seeing the info, you just assume the info on their is wrong …

            good logic

          • Cindy Luis

            I don’t think it’s foolish to subscribe to Rick Kern.
            both he and Tawa are very dedicated to the sport without a lot of bias.

    • OrbitalripZ

      Cindy, not the above, is correct. Hawai’i's RPI is #21.

  • Guess UH is packing for the post.
    Johnson of the Beach is the POW.

    • Beauston

      The only question now is where to?

      • uhfan

        They pretty much always get sent to USC

      • Warrior-15

        Looking at the teams on the “west” side … Stanford, BYU, Oregon, UCLA and USC are all in a position to be seeded and to host. Maybe even San Diego (they’re at 21 now, but their year-end projected RPI could be as high as 14.)

        Take your pick from there. History favors Hawaii being shipped to USC. But it all depends on which Regional the subregionals are all grouped in.

        Likely, Hawaii will be put in the Stanford Regional, but I doubt Hawaii gets placed in Stanford’s subregional. So maybe BYU or San Diego, if they end up hosting.

        And of course, these teams are in position to host if seeded, but their schools still have to submit a bid to host the subregional.

      • Cindy Luis

        It is still so early to make any sort of prediction. Lots of vb left to be played. I still think UH will host IF they keep winning.

  • Warrior-15

    Long Beach St’s RPI made a huge jump … from 77 to 51.

    they are right back as a bubble team for an at-large team. if they keep winning, they just might make it.

    this is where Long Beach scheduling very tough in their nonconference part of their schedule is helping them. despite losing to a lot of those teams early on. it’s giving a big boost to their RPI. They played teams like North Carolina, Kentucky, San Diego, Washington, Wisconsin and Northern Iowa. (Mind you, the Beach lost all those matches … but it’s still a big RPI boost for them.)

    Their record is 13-11 currently, so they just have to make sure they stay above .500, and get a little more of an RPI boost.

    • Beauston

      Don’t want to open a can of worms here, but its time to reconsider hitting the road in pre-season if teams that would help us in RPI can’t or won’t travel to the islands, Shoji needs to figure out how to get to them as well. Hosting at home tourneys just don’t help as it used to anymore unless Shoji picks up the tab. Maybe do 2 tourneys and hit the road after. Would love to see them play against PSU and Texas pre-season. And having the Stanford’s and UCLAs for at home tourneys. Just saying. I know it’s not easy, but NCAA is and always very clear that it will make it any easier for Hawaii either .

      • Beauston


      • Cindy Luis

        Doubt if you’ll see UH on the road preseason unless it’s the AVCA showcase. UH makes too much money hosting the three tourneys.

        • Beauston

          Agreed Cindy , heard that as well. Somebody needs to make money somewhat. Sucks

        • dedicatedfan

          Cindy, if I recall correctly, the Wahine did play in the AVCA Showcase one year, prior to their 3 preseason tournaments. Also, do those 2 matches, in the AVCA Showcase, count toward the total matches you are allowed to play or not?

          • Cindy Luis

            Yes DF. as I said UNLESS it’s to the AVCA Showcase double if you’re see Hawaii on the mainland preseason … unless something special as they did going to Cal to open the refurbished arena.
            And those 2 losses at the AVCA Showcase in Omaha did count.

      • Beauston

        “Not” easier

      • Warrior-15

        it could just be a 1-year anomaly in the scheduling. we’ll have to see how future schedules play out.

        hawaii’s schedule last year was a favorable one for RPI purposes. just gotta get better at “gaming” the system.

        and hope the economy picks up so that schools can better able to travel here. (in any case, there are plenty of BCS conference schools in the east and midwest with the money to travel.) just gotta lure them here! ;)

        • Cindy Luis

          It isn’t like Shoji hasn’t tried to get some of those teams to come. Much like recruits. You can offer. Can’t force them to accept.
          plus it’s a guessing game when scheduling teams a year or two in advance. UH hopes that those teams will be good based on past performances. doesn’t always happen.

  • OrbitalRipZ

    I’m still VERY confident that inspite of seeding, UH will will end its season at no less than the Elite Eight.

    Find the right combination(s) for your starting 7, or 8; find it in enough time (cough: no more than two weeks time), and this team will go all the way to the FF.

  • Access Denied

    Some scuttlebutt put out by OC 16 announcers is that AVCA coaches want the NCAA to include Pablo in their decision making process.Hawai`i moved up from 15 to 14 in today’s new Pablo.

    • Cindy Luis

      Yes. we mentioned several months ago that Rich Kern had been working with the AVCA to consider some outside imput for the seedings for a couple of years. They had turned down the ‘offer’ to have some help but after last year’s uproar they apparently listened to the coaches. Pablo and the AVCA’s own poll should be considered.

      • Beauston

        And how much they will take in to consideration is one worth watching out for. It all depends how’s the committee’s thanksgiving dinner will go. Haven’t heard the last 3 years a good rhyme or reason on how exactly they come up with seeding. Heck even Mick Haley can’t figure it out, I sure wont waste my time on it. It is what it is.

  • Access Denied

    New RPI is out Hawai’i drops to 21 . Like I said Kern’s version often doesn’t often jive with the NCAA.

    • Cindy Luis

      Link to RPI
      Ridiculous bias toward the Pac-10 and Big 10 even when teams lose twice they don’t take a big hit.

      1. Stanford. 2. Texas. 3. Penn State. 4. Nebraska (gotta love the Big Ten love). 5. UCLA (and the love for the Pac-12)
      6. Minnesota. 7. Louisville. 8. Florida State. 9. Oregon. 10. Kansas
      11. Kansas State. 12. USC. 13. Florida. 14. Washington. 15. BYU. 16. North Carolina. 17. Kentucky. 18. Miami. 19. Purdue. 20. Tennessee.
      21. Hawaii. 22. San Diego.

      • Beauston

        Hate to say it, but its a long lost battle, Dave has to play the RPI game like the other top RPI team does. Respectively, all things considered, Hawaii has more of a reputable and established program, no reason why they can’t go after it like K State, Louisville, BYU, Kansas, and other schools on top of the top 16 RPI right now.
        Either join the party or skip it.

  • dedicatedfan

    I am real curious why Shoji scheduled a DII team this late in the season. It can only hurt their RPI, no matter what happens. It is a total lose situation for the Wahine, playing BYU-Hawaii, this late.

    • Cindy Luis

      The decision to join the Big West came a little late to fill in the schedule with another non-conference team If I remember correctly.Hawaii had an open week and took the Best DII team in the state, which is No. 8 BYUH.

      • dedicatedfan

        In that sense, I can see that happening. All teams are in conference play and will not want an out of conference match. Would it have been better to leave the week open, or does it not matter, one way or another when it comes to the RPI?

    • Lanaiboy

      Open or Div II BYU? I vote for BYU. It will allow all 17 players to have some PT, to continue evaluating whether Hartong can be equally effective on the right as well as left, and to see who deserves the 3rd outside hitter’s spot, Goodman, Manu-Olevao, or Kastl. Yes, Hartong said that Hawaii needs a set line-up for the postseason and Shoji agrees. This can wait another match. I enjoy seeing Kawamura and Kam on the floor. Regarding the RPI..I have given up on Hawaii receiving a high rating. This year the Big West is way down; next year is more promising with all the injured players returning. Just have to depend on the selection committee’s good sense in selecting the top 16 seeds.

  • dedicatedfan

    If the Wahine have to go on the road for the NCAA Tournament, at least they will be at home for at least 2 weeks before they have to head out. Their last 2 matches in the BWC is at home.

  • very confuseing, all the talk about the Wahine going into a better conference this year. last year in the WAC they were in the top 16 in the RPI

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