Hawaii No. 11 in final poll

December 18th, 2012

Don’t think it’s much of a surprise. Wahine finish 11th.



1. Texas. 2. Oregon. 3. Penn State. 4. Stanford. 5. Michigan. 6. USC. 7. Nebraska. 8. Minnesota. 9. Washington. 10 Florida.


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  • Grammy

    A very little, late and recognition of Wahine, but probably their rightful place for this group of overacheivers. Still very much looking forward to next season and meeting Texas and rest of season. Go Wahine! To me you’re always #1.

  • vlimafan

    >>>Grammy wrote: Go Wahine! To me you’re always #1<<<

    Aww,very sweet words… the best genuine post about the Na Wahine I've seen in a long time.

  • vballfreak808

    Kelsey Robinson has transferred to Nebraska


    In the article it says that one of the schools she contacted was Hawaii so it was nice to see we were an option

  • Last Call

    Sure she gives us a list of schools that she contacted but what she doesn’t tell you is what they told her.

    Some (including Hawai`i ) probably didn’t need a OH or may be out of scholarships and some probably wouldn’t talk to her because she didn’t have a release when she contacted them.

    Notice that the article doesn’t say she picked Nebraska over all these other schools,something programs like to toot their horns over.

    She also only has one year of eligibility which doesn’t make her all that attractive to many coaches.

    She also mentions that the chances of getting playing time at Nebraska was better because they lost two of their top attackers.

    If I had to take an educated guess I would bet that Hawai`i had no interest in her because she had no release and they had no idea how her appeal would go.

    Personally I wouldn’t waste my time on a player with only one year of eligibility left.

    • warriofan

      Who wouldn’t want an all american( SEC player of the year) to bolster their chances of winning a national championship.
      I am sure not having a scholarship for her was what took hawaii out of the running, Interesting that Nebraska announced their libero quit last week……Looks like Cook made a a scholarship available for Robinson.

  • Another Perspective

    No sense in writing this in a previous blog entry, but the fact that Texas will be playing the Wahine early next season has me wondering about that match for the Wahine. The last time Texas was in Hawaii, they fought closely (and could have pushed it to 5 sets), but because of Destinee Hooker they lost. I don’t see anyone on Texas quite as dominant as Hooker on next year’s team, thankfully, so i’m thinking the Wahine do have a better chance. (Of course given they come up strong on serving and passing). For Texas, there is really only Eckerman and Webster whom I can think of that can pose the strongest threats. Just curious about this matchup next season. Any comments?

    • menehune

      It doesn’t matter who you play. To be the best, you need to beat the best. Na Wahine isn’t too shabby, we’ve got our share of outstanding players but what the other teams don’t have is the mana and the fighting Warrior spirit. They’re a real pleasure to watch, win or lose.

  • vballfreak808

    Another coach makes it to the Twitter world


  • vballfreak808

    Any news on who is transferring out yet or if it is real?

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