Hawaii sweeps Nevada for 19th straight

October 29th, 2011

Wahine finish their grueling Oct. with a 25-14, 25-21, 25=17 sweep at Nevada

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  • Cindy Luis

    UH hit .367, 6 aces, 36 digs, 7 blocks
    Hewitt 6-0-8, 3 BA
    Danielson 13=2=28, 1 SA, 7 digs
    Croson 12-5-24, 7 digs
    Satele 5-1-9 2 SA
    Hartong 4-2-10, 1 SA, 2 BS
    Kaela Goodman 1-1-2
    Blake 11 digs

  • Cindy Luis

    Nevada hit 089, Batista 10-2-18
    24 digs, 5 aces, 3 blocks.
    Santiago 25 assists.
    Hawaii has the week off, won’t play again until hosting LaTech NOV 10.
    Senior night 11-12 vs. NMSU

  • Jogga

    Hats off to the women for playing soooo many games in so few days and with travel and school and not to mention, winning. They deserve the week off.

  • LC

    New Mexico State lost again to Idaho 3 – 1 (W) 19-25; 25-23; 25-14; 25-14

  • LC

    Come Monday


    UH should nominate Kanani.if they do she should get it.

    AVCA Poll

    I’m not even going to venture a guess at this mess but I can see us advancing.

    Previous Week Top 10:
    1:Nebraska (Beat OSU, Lost to Penn State)
    2:California (Lost to UCLA and USC)
    3:Illinois (Beat Wisconsin, Lost to Minnesota)
    4:USC (Lost to Stanford, Beat Cal)
    5:Stanford (Lost to UCLA, Beat USC)
    6:UCLA (Beat Stanford and Cal)
    7:Hawaii (Beat Idaho, San Jose State, Fresno State, and Nevada)
    8:Penn State (Beat Iowa and Nebraska)
    9:Texas (Swept Iowa State)
    10:Washington (Beat Arizona State in 5)

    With NMS two losses their focus will be on 2 nd place because as it stands now Idaho is just a 1/2 game behind.

    • vballfreak808

      lol you copied my post on VT :P

    • volleyball fan

      I don’t see how can Hawaii advance. The PAC12 teams lost to each other and they are all highly ranked. Penn State upset #1 Nebraska so I see Penn State advancing ahead of Hawaii who only beat four unrranked WAC teams. I expect Hawaii to actually fall a spot to #8 thanks to Penn State’s upset. Still, #8 is a high ranking not to sneeze at. It would be great if Hawaii could get seeded that high come playoff time. Then Hawaii would not have to face the four top ranked PAC12 teams in the first two rounds of the regionals, though it might meet Washington or Oregon or both of them then. Still those two would pose a formidable challenge. Hawaii, get good and ready.

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  • warriorfan

    Tayler higgins is gonna be a good one for the wahine. Dave needs to get Chelsey Keoho,

    • Wawa

      I agree. Higgins had a great match last night as well as a great season. Robins-Hardy struggled last night connecting with her hitters and had consistency issues with her outside sets.

      Keoho had some unbelievable digs last night, many of them came with no blockers up. If Dave wanted to offer a scholarship to a libero, she should be the one. I don’t pay attention as to how many he has left to offer and blah blah blah, but she is a scholarship worthy libero. It would be silly to ask her to walk on. However, I hope Chels ends up at UH either way.

      Manu-Olevao vs. Maa…I’m sure glad we got Olevao. She has more upside potential. Both are pretty bad when off balance, but over the past few years of their prep career I’ve noticed that Manu-Olevao has the drive to become better.

      Carly Kan is a great volleyball player with such high volleyball IQ. I’m kind of disappointed she will be playing Libero at the next level, she has shown she can bring the heat with the rest of them.

      • warriorfan

        You can’t really teach POP in an armswing, getting stronger helps but Olevao has that already. Can’t wait to see what Shoji does with her, I like her passion too.

  • Spike

    Just a reminder for everyone to vote for Kanani in the Lowes Senior Class Volleyball Award. She’s behind again.

  • OrbitalripZ (call me OZ)

    In the WHO CARES department:

    1. That #1 Nebraska was spooked by not-in-my-house #8 Penn State took no one by surprise. (Some of us still remember that PSU was chosen #1 in the preseason polls.)

    That #3 Illinois was seen wimping out at home (19-25, 20-25, 15-25!) to #15 Minnesota sent hair-raising tales throughout the VolleyTalk world.

    Ghouls gone wild!

    The top half of the Top 10 all experienced a bump in the night (double-whammy to California), while the bottom half of the Top 10 all added spooktacular wins.

    (For Sunday, #10 Washington plays at home against an unranked conference foe, while regional-host #13 Florida attempts to stop its free fall on the road as it takes on conference opponent and likewise regional-host #24 Kentucky.)

    The only sure thing looks like UCLA, Hawai’i, and Penn State will be having a treat when the AVCA releases its new poll on Halloween.

    2. Since I last posted the list of NCAA D-1 teams left with only one loss, Nebraska/Big Ten, Illinois/Big Ten and San Diego/West Coast were taken out — in San Diego’s case, shot twice.

    That leaves us with two teams left standing, both with 24-1 records: #11-but-#4rpi UNI (2-3 loss to Minnesota on 9/10) and #7-and-#7rpi UH (1-3 loss to UCLA on 9/04).

    What else do these two teams have in common? As of October 30, Hawai’i leads all schools in active consecutive victories during the conference’s regular season with 53 WAC w’s while UNI is second with 49 Missouri Valley Conference wins.


    (And follow Spike’s advice and support Kanani with your vote.)

  • vballfreak808

    New Mexico State just lost to Idaho in four (19-25, 25-23, 14-25, 14-25) and drop to 18-7 on the season and 7-3 in the conference. Idaho is now 13-11 on the season and 7-4 on the conference.

  • po'okela

    keoho verballed to colorado already.
    don’t see her changing her mind to come UH.

  • BowBraddah

    With N.Mex State having 3losses, doesn’t the Wahine clinch the 1spot for the VB tournament? and regular season champion?

  • LC

    Foggy Monday Thoughts

    What isn’t clear this morning is predicting today’s AVCA Poll.

    If the WAC continues with this double,double trend in choosing the POW there are 4 players who could be this weeks WAC POW if nominated

    Danielson – Hawai`i
    Uiato – Hawai`i
    Wild – Fresno State
    MacArthur – Utah State

    There are others with double,doubles but they were on the losing teams.

  • LC

    WAC broke the trend and selected Walker ( Idaho ) as POW. Kanani was nominated by UH.

  • LC

    Losing the #1 ranking won’t be the only bad news for Nebraska fans.

    Big daddy had to bail his setter daughter out of jail on Sunday.

    • OrbitalripZ (call me OZ)

      Heard about that from ESPN.

      Here’s the wire:

      ” Nebraska star volleyball player Lauren Cook was arrested on suspicion of leaving the scene of an injury accident and ticketed for driving under suspension after a motorcyclist broke a leg. This was the sixth time she has been ticketed in Nebraska for speeding since 2007.

      Cook’s car clipped a motorcyclist who was stopped at the side of a road in north Lincoln shortly before noon Sunday, police said. Cook called police eight minutes after the accident, and she was contacted about a half mile from the accident scene, her car disabled because of a shredded front tire.

      She was in Lancaster County Jail for three hours before an unidentified person posted $500 bond.

      Cook is the daughter of Nebraska women’s volleyball coach John Cook.

      “She stopped and called 911, tried to do the right thing,” John Cook said. “No alcohol, no drugs, she wasn’t texting. In no way is this an excuse, but an accident happened and we’ll let the legal process go through that.”

      According to a police report, a motorcyclist and his passenger were stopped at the side of the road when a black SUV hit the motorcycle from behind at 11:51 a.m. Sunday. Cook told police she “just panicked” and didn’t stop at the scene. Flood said Cook called police after speaking with her mother, Wendy.

      Her father said he wouldn’t announce what, if any, team disciplinary action would be taken against her.”

      • LC

        In Nebraska leaving the scene of an injury accident is a felony punishable by a maximum of five years in prison, a $10,000 fine or both.

        Fat chance that it will happen but considering that she has previous convictions it will be interesting to see what she gets.

  • LC

    WOW we got jumped actually lost a spot in this weeks poll !

    1. UCLA
    2. Nebraska
    3. Stanford
    4. Southern California
    5. Illinois
    6. Penn State
    7. California
    8. Hawai’i
    9. Texas
    10. Washington
    11. Purdue
    12. Northern Iowa
    13. Iowa State
    14. Pepperdine
    15. Minnesota
    16. Tennessee
    17. Florida
    18. Florida State
    19. Kentucky
    20. Oregon
    21. San Diego
    22. Ohio State
    23. Michigan
    24. Colorado State
    25. Oklahoma

    • OrbitalripZ (call me OZ)

      Some got the treats, we certainly got tricked.

      Interesting to see if our WAC opponents’ opponents (who probably all lost lol) will help or hurt Na Wahine when the new power ratings come out.

      HAPPY HALLOWEEN PUB CRAWL or CLUB CRAWL. Needless to say, don’t drive if you’ll be drinking alcoholic beverages.

  • Cindy Luis

    And yes, with NMSU having 3 losses, Hawaii clinches the WAC regular-season title and top seed in the WAC tourney

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