Hawaii-USF rewind

August 31st, 2012

It was ugly but Hawaii played well when it needed to. Nice that it didn’t go 4. Vorster had another monster night. She said that with Croson out she felt like she should be more of a leader out there. Uiato said she listens to her hitters who say if they’re open and that Vorster has been making herself available in the front row.

Team still learning to play together. A couple of the mistakes in the back row were due to all the subs and people not sure who was supposed to take the pass.

The Wahine are good without Croson but much better with her out there. It is amazing how high she is tossing that ball.

Someone mentioned Hagins. Hard to get a read, she was in there so briefly 2-2-4. They tried to get her involved. Don’t remember to be honest if it was Uiato or Stauber setting her, could have been both. Don’t think you can judge her yet but she does bring height to practice.

For the most part, Hawaii served well 7 aces, 5 SEs. USF 5 aces, 7 SEs. couple of their aces were off the tape.

It will be an interesting match tomorrow with Baylor. The Bears played well, Cal was definitely down and injured.

USF coach said he is still sorting out a lineup, had some injuries, some players at maybe 50 percent. Said Hawaii played phenomenally. Said he needed to slow Hartong down, that she played great, especially her serving in Set 1. Said if they had been able to win Set 2 it would have been a different mindset for both teams, that his team didn’t keep the momentum.

Didn’t know this but Zimet is the USF coach’s first cousin. Eyal will be 36 Saturday.

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  • Cindy Luis

    Shoji just came in. said he could have predicted what happened tonight. need to play better tomorrow against Baylor or they’ll get beat. Said his team played like they’ve been practicing this week. and that he thought Cal could have won that match. Said USF was like what the Big West will be like. Said they need to improve their blocking and their passing. Said he could have sat Jane the whole night so as to get a better look at Kastl. Wanted to look at Kastl left and right. Thought they got a lot of easy points on Hartong’s serves.

    • Cindy Luis

      Said he wanted to see some different combos all night, including Hagins. Didn’t want to go four so most of the starters were in in Set 3. Said Vorster continues to surprise and amaze everyone. she had another good hitting night. and that when she starts to hit the ball hard she’ll be much better.

  • livealoha

    Who initially recruited Vorster? Whether it was Shoji, Sealy or Wong, my goodness what a find.

    Goes to show that you don’t need the “top” recruits each year to be competitive… just some key players to build around, players that fit the system and are willing to develop and a coaching staff that trains the players to be the best they can.

    Gotta give props to Shoji and company, players like Vorster and Adolpho really have developed.

    Even players who were overlooked by other top-tier programs like Hartong and Uiato have become top-notch.

    Great to see year in and out!

  • Steve

    Hope Shoji is recruiting Jade Vorster’s younger sister. She is a 6’2 or 6’3 OH. I believe she is either a sophomore, or junior, this year.

  • Lanaiboy

    Give San Francisco credit too. The players were really scrappy and made some amazing digs. I am interested in seeing how the team does against California and Baylor. Could be a surprise.

  • djbj457

    had a friend from the mainland watching the match with me today at home on the big island. he says to me how much fun it is to watch wahine volleyball except the inept play by play announcing. i tend to agree. jim leahey is a legend of hawaii sports announcing but this year his mistakes on the broadcast are getting worse and worse. time to bring in someone new for volleyball to team with chris who is still excellent as always. i like you jim but it just ain’t cutting it this year. but always great win and go bows, so proud of our wahine vballers

    • Larry Nagata

      Better watch what you wish for! You might get motor mouth Santi.

      • djbj457

        santi wouldn’t do the play by play she is another color person. time for kanoa to take over from jim like how jim took over for his father chuck in the day. plus jim can still do baseball with pal. that is still what i prefer there. he just can’t keep up with the faster moving sports like before(football,basketball,volleyball).

  • Yes Jim is getting older but I will take him as a broadcaster any day. Another broadcaster, Vin Scully is also getting old. He called dodger pitcher Kershaw Koufax several times the other day during a game. When these guys are ready to step down they will, they have earned the right to decide when to end their careers.

    • djbj457

      i don’t mind leahey as a broadcaster just he’s older to broadcast faster moving sports like volleyball. vin scully is great at baseball and so is jim leahey. i enjoy him and pal doing rainbow baseball. just the faster moving ones seeming to give him issues.

  • RedZone

    Jane is a difference maker. She just does so many things so well.

    Hagins looks like she just needs more PT. I hope she gets it.

    So many subs had my head spinning.

    • Steve

      RedZone, I agree with you, about both players. Jane is a difference player. But not only her, Ali, and Jade, also. Jane not only with her hitting, and digging, but also her carefree attitude. Ali with her communication, and Jade with her enthusiasm.

      Hagins I feel is a year away. Right now she is where Jade was last year. One year under the tutelage of Dave Shoji, and she will be playing like Jade is this year.

      • warriorfan

        Hagins is older than Jade though. Not really happy about her pick up, but hope she proves me wrong.

        • VLimafan

          I’m not too excited about Hagins either (at this time). But in Hagins defense, the season just started and she barely has had playing time. not enough time to really get into a rhythm on the court. I read she had some kind of injury last year (does anyone know what it was?) Maybe she’s still cautious when she plays?? Also, i wonder how much her former coaches taught her. Maybe she will improve a lot by next year under the tutelage of Shoji, Scott and Ah Mow Santos. I doubt she’ll be at the level of Vorster, but hopefully she’ll be a pleasant surprise in 2013 or even in the later part of this season. Who knows.

          I remember Hubbert, also a transfer from Washington State, had an unsatisfactory junior year but did a wonderful job the following season. Hopefully Hagins can have the same result.

          One thing that worries me is… Well… I hate reading into people’s facial expression, but I can’t help but wonder if she’s happy with her decision in coming here. She seems a bit distant and not really “into it” (unlike Kastl. love Kastl’s fiery spirit). But of course I don’t know Hagins at all and am well aware that I could be completely wrong with my ASSumptions.

          Anyway, so far I am loving this team and will definitely be enjoying watching them progress this season.

          • warriorfan

            The way I see it, if you are picking up a transfer to make up for the loss of someone like Hewitt,
            The coaches should have picked up someone that is ready to play and contribute right away especially if that player is coming from the pac 10.

            Hagins is not ready yet despite being in her third year collegiately If she needs a year to get ready well then
            UH should have just picked up a freshmen middle with potential instead. I am seeing why Hagins was a bench player on a bad WSU team.

          • po'okela

            I didn’t realize dave can just snap his fingers and get an all-american middle to transfer to hawaii…

            not every transfer will be an impact player… we had cascioppo and forsythe and I’m sure a bunch of others I can’t think off the top of my head.

            let the poor girl go.

          • Steve

            Dave Shoji, I feel knew he had Jade and Adolpho, he was looking for backup in that position, and Hagins fit the bill. I do not believe he was looking at her as a starter.

  • grammy

    Very nice observation and insight regarding ‘system recruiting’ versus ‘game changer’ recruiting. Best if the recruit is both but even game changers have to fit into whatever team concept exist, too (its a team sport!) but think Teee vs Jane C. Teee had a huge upside but Jane can fill and surpass her potential. They have a team of ‘over achievers’ and sometimes the wheels are shaky but more than not they pull together and always they do their best. Never just give up and fall apart, never ‘embarass’ the H(awaii or ome) crowd.

    Go Wahine! We got your back.

  • warriorfan

    Happy birthday to Eyal Zimet :)

  • Steve

    TTO, 1st set, USF leading Cal., 15-14.

  • Steve

    TO USF, Cal ahead 21-20.

    Cindy probably stuck at office.

  • Steve

    TO USF. Cal at set point, 24-22.

  • Steve

    Cal wins set 1, 25-22.

  • Steve

    Wonder how many pieces of gum, Jane Croson goes thru in a match.

  • Steve

    TO Cal, USF leading 20-15, 2nd set.

  • Steve

    Volleyball Flash: Penn St. beats Texas, 3-0.

  • Steve

    USF wins 2nd set, 25-19. Match tied 1-1. Guess the Wahine match will not start at 7:00 pm.

  • Steve

    Good Evening, Cindy. I have one Top 5 volleyball score for you. See my 6:03pm entry,

  • Steve

    USF wins the 3rd set, 25-22, leads the match 2-1.

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