Hawaii-USF rewind

August 31st, 2012

It was ugly but Hawaii played well when it needed to. Nice that it didn’t go 4. Vorster had another monster night. She said that with Croson out she felt like she should be more of a leader out there. Uiato said she listens to her hitters who say if they’re open and that Vorster has been making herself available in the front row.

Team still learning to play together. A couple of the mistakes in the back row were due to all the subs and people not sure who was supposed to take the pass.

The Wahine are good without Croson but much better with her out there. It is amazing how high she is tossing that ball.

Someone mentioned Hagins. Hard to get a read, she was in there so briefly 2-2-4. They tried to get her involved. Don’t remember to be honest if it was Uiato or Stauber setting her, could have been both. Don’t think you can judge her yet but she does bring height to practice.

For the most part, Hawaii served well 7 aces, 5 SEs. USF 5 aces, 7 SEs. couple of their aces were off the tape.

It will be an interesting match tomorrow with Baylor. The Bears played well, Cal was definitely down and injured.

USF coach said he is still sorting out a lineup, had some injuries, some players at maybe 50 percent. Said Hawaii played phenomenally. Said he needed to slow Hartong down, that she played great, especially her serving in Set 1. Said if they had been able to win Set 2 it would have been a different mindset for both teams, that his team didn’t keep the momentum.

Didn’t know this but Zimet is the USF coach’s first cousin. Eyal will be 36 Saturday.

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