Maar speculation

May 10th, 2012

I haven’t heard anything on Stephen Maar but since this is getting buried on last week’s thread thought we’d start a new discussion. much of comes off VT.

from Rayson:

Here’s an article (dated 05/03/12) about the McMaster University’s Head Coach being selected to coach the Canadian National Jr. Men’s Team. About halfway down it mentions “Mac recruit Stephen Maar” as a national team recruit. Unless the reporter got it wrong (and I’m hoping that’s the case) it looks like Maar changed his mind and is remaining in Canada and going to McMaster University.–preston-takes-charge-of-national-junior-men-s-volleyball-team
This is also Rayson’s comment
If true this is bad news, very bad news for the program. It also makes me think that if the VT poster is right about Maar then perhaps he may also be right about a lot of the current players wanting to jump ship.
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