McMackin on the air

May 25th, 2010

UH head coach Greg McMackin addressed Ron Lee’s resignation and the upcoming search on the Bobby Curran Show Tuesday morning.
McMackin said he’s heard from several “very good coaches.”
Run-and-shoot pioneer Mouse Davis indicated he’ll apply for the job of receivers coach. “He’s a great one. He’s taught us all about the run and shoot. He’s an ageless guy,” McMackin said.
As for the timetable, there’s the mandated 10-day application period before the decision process starts.
“We’re not in a great hurry. I promised the players we’ll get the best coach out there. We have great receivers and they deserve a great coach,” McMackin said.
“Whoever comes in has to fit into the culture and love it here. Understand the people here. … Everything.”

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