June 9th, 2008

Representatives for June Jones and the University of Hawaii began mediation proceedings today.

At issue is $400,008 UH claims Jones owes the school for leaving as head football coach before his contract ended. Jones claims he had a verbal agreement (and an email) from then-athletic director Herman Frazier saying Jones wouldn’t have to pay the money if he left early.

The mediation proceedings are private, but we’re promised a report when they’re done.


Reply to Zolte: No, I haven’t seen Mana Rosa play. But just by the name, he sounds like a stud.


Answer to Mokie the Warrior: No, June Jones was not paid anything for the time after he resigned from UH in January. The $400,008 in question is a penalty, per the contract, that happens to be half-a-year’s salary. That’s why some people were confused, thinking the money was his salary and he was being asked to give it back (he was not paid ahead of time).

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