Men’s volleyball recruits for 2013

May 14th, 2012

for those asking about those NLIs. if you want Wade’s comments, complete release up at

Charlie Wade announced the signing of Max Wechsung and Aniefre Etim-Thomas of Long Beach City College and Garrett Komisarek of Irvine Valley College for the 2013 season.

In addition local products Kolby Kanetake of Moanalua High School and Daniel Aina, Jr., of Kamehameha Schools-Hawai‘i will also join the team.

Wechsung, a 6-foot-7 setter, graduated from St. John Bosco High School in 2010 while Etim-Thomas is a 6-foot-3 middle blocker and graduate of Wilson High School. Both played two seasons at LBCC and will have two years of eligibility remaining at UH.

The duo helped LBCC win the California Community College Athletic Association State Championship while both earned all-tournament team honors. On the season, Wechsung played both setter and opposite and was named Western State Conference Most Valuable Player. He averaged 2.20 kills, 6.25 assists, 1.49 digs, and 0.90 blocks per set and also led the conference in service aces per set (0.41).

Etim-Thomas, a first-team all-conference pick, averaged 1.97 kills on .560 hitting, which led the state. He also finished second in the state in blocks per set (2.08). During the state playoffs, he averaged 4.25 kills and 2.25 blocks and hit .583.

Komisarek, a 5-foot-8 libero, graduated from Saint Francis High School in 2010 before attending IVC. He played in 31 sets as a freshman and averaged 1.50 digs per set and last season finished fifth in the state at 2.77 digs per set while earning second-team all- Pacific Coast Athletic Conference honors and all-tournament team honors at the state championship.

Kanetake and Aina were among four players from the state of Hawai‘i named to the AVCA High School Boys Senior All-American watch list. Overall, they are among 74 players from 13 states who are eligible to earn All-America first team or second team honors. In addition, both were recently named to the all-tournament team at the Hawai‘i High School Athletic Association Division I Championships in which Aina’s KS-Hawai‘i team finished runner-up and Kanetake’s MHS squad placed third for the second straight year.

Kanetake is a two-time all-OIA East first-team selection who also was named to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s Fab 15 boys’ all-state team as a junior. Aina is a four-time all-BIIF selection.

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  • warriorfan

    Since these guys are all being announced by UH I assume they are all getting some sort of scholarship.
    I was under the impression these were all walk ons and UH was still searching for Maar’s, Mosolf’s, and Welch’s replacements not that these guys were The replacements. 3 liberos surprises me.

    and no mentions of Rey Speller, Darren Sorrel or Joby Ramos, who are listed as commits on

  • Cindy Luis

    WF, no idea but that’s probably a good assumption. they can split the 4.5 scholarship money into a lot of pieces. can’t tell you about speller, sorrel or ramos.

  • liveALOHA

    Pretty weak recruiting class… at least on paper. Last year’s recruiting class was pretty promising though.

  • umm...

    Cindy, for clarification, does Kastl have 1 or 2 years left of eligibility.

  • LC

    Here is some depressing news. the Big West according to the Idahostatesman newspaper is going to entertain the membership application from Boise State to move their Olympic sports to the Big West. It would need to be approved by the Big West schools including Hawai`i.God I hope we don’t have to go back there again.

    Read more here: is going to

    • Cindy Luis

      Heard that the other day on the radio. But from what Ferd Lewis wrote the other day, the UH travel subsidy doesn’t apply to new additions after UH joined the BWC.

      • uhfan

        Still wouldnt want them. Bosie’s Olympic sports provide nothing to the Big West

      • Beauston

        So what does that mean Cindy?, would Boise State if accepted at the Big West be paying on their if they play in Hawaii and or if Hawaii go to Boise?

        • Cindy Luis

          Big West Commissioner said that Hawaii pays for travel subsidies to Hawaii for the teams that were in the Big West as of the time UH joined. Any subsequent members get no subsidies.
          Hawaii ges no money to travel from other schools.

          • LC

            A lot of us wanted to get away from the WAC teams for awhile ,not forever just give us a break from them.

            It’s not the travel subsidies issue it’s the travel to Boise. I like the all Cali thing that the Big West has going.SDSU is the one behind this attempt to get BSU into the BW.

          • warriorfan

            The only wac team Shoji should even consider scheduling is New Mexico State since they are the only one that won’t lower the RPI too much.

  • jeff

    how many more years on coach wade contract?i hope he is on his last

  • jeff

    error i hope he is not on his last year

  • Cindy Luis

    LC, i understand. But the question was about subsidies. ergo my response.
    What SDSU is trying to do is get out of the Big East, since they supposedly are partnered with Boise State for football. They apparently want back in the MWC for football and are dumping all other sports into the Big West.
    The problem i see with Boise State is their sole commitment is to football. Most of their other sports have stayed at the JC level.

  • As of this moment the addition of SD State in 2013 will give the BW ten members. This will allow the Wahine to continue having the three preseason tournaments plus one out of conference match. The BWC RPI isn’t that good, UH needs to seek a strong out of conference schedule. Don’t feel that Boise brings anything to the table, their greed for BCS bucks caused them to leave the MWC. They had no regard for those that they left behind, the BWC should not feel the need to bail out their athletic dept.

    • warriorfan

      San diego State is really annoying, thinking they can boss be the big dog of the conference and influence all the other schools. San Diego State only wants Boise in the Big West so they can get all the money from being in the big east for football.

      IMO The big West doesn’t need San Diego State or Boise, I say let them go back to the mountain west.

  • jeff

    poor NM st they have a decent women’s team and coach somebody wrote on vt sarah palmer a setter?

    • vballfreak808

      Sarah Palmer is just setting in the spring training because their freshman will arrive in the fall.

    • Italicized

      No. Just helping out at setter during practice. Believe they only have one setter on the current roster and another coming in. She helps set in practice until the other setter comes in.

  • WaWa

    Just a fun fact that Moanalua affectionately refers to themselves as “MoHS” to distinguish themselves from the many other “M” High School, or namely McKinley which was the first “M” school if I recall correctly.

  • RYK

    Good to see Ann Miller’s article today. It confirms the four new players, Kastl, Longo, Hagins, and Speler. The article did not mention anything about FF however.

    • Cindy Luis

      probably because there’s nothing to mention.

    • Beauston

      Manu-Olevao was not mentioned, is’t because she’s the only one who signed NLI, and everyone else is coming in as a walk on and transfers?

      • Tai’s name was mentioned in Hagin’s part Huge Potential, but this article by Ann is focusing on the transfers, titled by the heading.

      • Cindy Luis

        Manu-Olevao was mentioned.
        Hagin’s friendship with Goodman and the Asics Rainbow club team led her to contact Hawaii. Now she has been accepted by UH and will be here in July for summer classes, just like the three other new players and Punahou graduate Manu Tai-Olevao, who committed early.

        • Steve

          Cindy, what is Hagin’s connection to the Asics Rainbow club team? Are there Wahine’s that played for the Asics Rainbow club team?

  • Uncle Vinny

    Ann Miller says Kastl is one of the most prolific hitters in the country’s premier volleyball conference? LOL, seriously where does she get her info from ?

    • Cindy Luis

      Kastl led ASU in hitting last season. No. 8 in the pac-12 424 kills, 3.82 ups. No. 8 in overall points 465.0
      considering ASU was 10th in the Pac 12 5-17, 9-22, I’d say she did pretty well.
      you can get the info on

      • Beauston

        Yes, not bad for a girl coming from a school ranked 10th like you said, hopefully she can carry that through here and improve better under Shoji.

  • Cindy Luis

    as i said, don’t remember them ever committing.
    and, as you said, ‘rumored.’

    • warriorfan

      They were even up as UH commits at the Kuikahi website ( chad’s club) and Sorrell’s club website too.

      I guess Barreta must have gotten some financial from Concordia like you mentioned

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