Merry Christmas to all

December 25th, 2011

Hope all of you are enjoying the day. Aloha, C

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  • sandandsurf

    hope you’re having a great day!

  • vballfreak808

    Merry Christmas Cindy and everyone!

  • Ron

    Merry Christmas Cindy,Santa brought me season tickets to Men Volleyball so I must have been good this year. Thank you and the other bloggers for all the info you all provide. See you next year!

  • Cindy Luis

    Thanks. At work in the office but at least get to spend time with my son who clerks for the sports department. Which is the best Christmas present.
    Ron, you must have been very good.

  • jmy

    Merry Christmas to you, Cindy…I look forward to not only vball matches, but also reading this blog…this year’s men’s team looks much taller, though less experienced…I think they’ll pull some big upsets…On the women’s side, who’ll be good next year? I think UCLA, Stanford, Cal, Penn State, Nebraska & Colorado State are looking good…the Beach will be a big headache too…

  • Cindy Luis

    Agree with your assessment on WVB next year. don’t forget Texas.

  • Lanaiboy

    Fall semester is over and grades are in. Does any one have a clue to how Falyn Fonoimoana did in her classes? Will she be eligible for sand volleyball this spring?

  • LC

    January and beyond brings transfer news. After the holiday break is when programs start removing the names of players from their rosters who won’t be returning.This is when places like VT come alive with transfer threads.

    In January we should also learn more about Hewitt returning for the 2012 season.

    I didn’t get all the details and I’m looking for it but I heard that a show on OC16 (Channel 16) will feature Sand VB on Wednesday.I’m guessing it’s on Sports People Hawai`i at 7pm.Hope to get details soon.

  • Warrior15

    Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! :)

  • Thanks for the info LC, please keep us updated. Happy Holidays to all.

  • LC

    Remember what Dave said about back row help coming this year ? I’m keeping my eye on where an impressive libero is headed.

  • Wawa

    Happy Holidays Cindy! I wonder what interesting things 2012 will bring to your Blog. Beach (Sand) VB should be an exciting season. You should make some kind of Best of 2011 List of moments/posts or something, that would be interesting.

    • Cindy Luis

      that would be interesting Wawa. I already am doing the top 5 sports stories overall for the paper.
      Sand should be a lot of fun.

  • vballfreak808

    When does sand practices and tournaments start? I’m looking forward to it!

    • Cindy Luis

      don’t know about practices. Wong said that all the indoor players will be doing sand training but they have limited days of practice. they are still working on the roster and the schedule so doubt that there will be a page on UH’s website until then.

  • NeedaHobby

    Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Looking forward to future blogs and comments by everyone.

  • LC

    Many of the schools who will have Sand VB programs already have web pages on their athletic site but as usual Hawai`i with their laid back approach to everything will be one of the last,count on it.

    • 808

      Not sure why you’re making a big deal about other schools’ web pages. Most of them have no information. A few have rosters. LBSU just lists everyone on the indoor team. lol! Only Florida State and Jacksonville University show a schedule (as of today); everyone else’s schedule page is blank. So kind of not a big deal to have web page without any information on it. On the other hand, it wouldn’t take much from UH to match these sites, either.

      • LC

        Something would be better than nothing.

        • Cindy Luis

          LC, they haven’t put up anything because they don’t know the roster or the schedule. some of it has to come from the coach in charge and until the coach releases it/confirms it the school won’t put anything up.the season isn’t going to happen until at least march. don’t understand the big deal.

  • LC

    Update: Haven’t been able to find out anything on this OC 16 show on sand vb.

    During a commercial break of the Diamond Head Classic I was in another room and I thought I heard Howard Dashefsky talking about an upcoming program about Hawai`i VB players and sand VB Wednesday was mentioned but other stuff was going on and I didn’t get it all.

    The OC 16 web site has been no help nor the TV guide.

  • Turfwar

    Wow. Summer Ross is transferring from Udub possibly to Pepperdine to be able to play beach. Apparently Washington and USC were going to start beach programs but because nobody else committed Udub dropped the idea. Sounds like the decision was made after Ross enrolled so she is now a free agent. Could Dave have been contacted by Ross so she can team up with her World champion partner Jane Croson? Maybe she is the passing OH he mentioned on the radio a while back.

  • LC

    LOL. You guys crack me up now all of Croson’s friends want to come to Hawai`i ?

    • Cindy Luis

      Ross would be a great get for UH. makes sense if she wants to play only beach. remember that sand players on scholarship cannot play indoors. BUT indoor scholarship players can play sand. soooooo kind of depends on where you want to play. it would make sense if Ross would reunite with Croson, they won the U.S. first international title at the junior level. And so what if they’re friends. if you were on a successful team in high school /club wouldn’t you like to continue it in college, that is if you got along with your teammates. i don’t think it’s all Croson’s friends. Hartong has to play into it.

    • warriorfan

      a huge personality ( like Jane ) helps recruiting.

      It happens a lot in football and basketball, in football DB Mike Edwards is bringing in some of his buddies or was before Mack was canned.

  • vballfreak808

    Hmmmm having a possible 3 Pac-12 transfers all coming to Hawaii is suspicious….I have seen a few Washington matches and Ross is a pretty good player. She is a good right side blocker and an amazing passer. She could replace Satele on the right and keep Hartong at middle where she received 2nd team All-American.

    Ross’s Stats:
    167 kills, 1.56 kps, .204 pct, 8 assists, 27 aces, 239 digs, 2.39 dps, (3 block solos, 112 block assists, 1.07 bps)

    I would love it if Fonoimoana, Amaro, AND Ross all came to Hawaii. All have a relation to Croson!

    • Cindy Luis

      why suspicious? more coincidence than anything else. 2 players who left California and may want to have that SoCal lifestyle again. who were recruited by UH initially but chose to go elsewhere. Fonoimoanoa committed way early and even in her freshman year, her mom was calling Shoji saying her daughter really wanted to be at UH.
      so … 3 girls that may have had UH as their No. 2 choice have decided that maybe they have a second chance.?? just saying. but Ross to Pepperdine makes sense as well.

      • vballfreak808

        I know….I’m wondering why Fonoimoana didn’t decommit to USC if she really wanted to come to UH? But I can see Ross at Pepperdine too, it would be nice to reunite with Croson on the beach but I feel like she wants to be home at the same time as playing beach again.

  • LC

    Call me when it all happens.

  • LC

    Hey while we’re deciding where people are going how about this Amaro is going to New Mexico State because Dave Rubio’s brother is the assistant at NMS.

  • LC

    Here is something else that interesting a quote from her head coach:
    “McLaughlin says Ross, an international beach volleyball junior champion, wants to focus on the beach game”.

    If we’re going to read between the lines “wants to focus on the beach game” could mean I’m not really interested in playing indoors.

  • Cindy Luis

    maybe, maybe not. but if she wants to concentrate on sand that’s what she wants to do.

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