NCAA press conferences & UH practice

November 30th, 2011

Didn’t go to the first 2.

nothing exciting from the other two, nothing we haven’t reported.

only local media so … again, nothing new.

but i do think the UNC coach was surprised by the ‘intelligent’ volleyball questions that Ann, Brandi Higa, Chris McLachlin and I shot at her. things about her 2-person passing scheme, her left-handed hitter, her setter that likes to dump, her blocking scheme on the pins to compensate for UH’s quickness, and playing against the ‘Hawaii tradition’ vs. Hawaii.

As for Hawaii’s practice, they were working on a few things. Tuaniga doing a number of slides and Scott Wong got stuffed a couple of times by Croson and Hewitt. I can see where Ginger Long might be a good player next year. she played well on the left.

but, again, nothing exciting. UNC coaches said they had seen some film on UH but they were going to do film with their players today. UH didn’t have much film on UNC, saying that if do what they need to do they will control

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