New RPI discussion thread

November 5th, 2012

Feel like it’s getting buried.  Just going with last week’s Top 20 vs. this week’s top 20

From last week to this week.

1. Stanford 2-0 stays put at 1

2. Penn State 2-0 drops to 3

3. Nebraska 0-2 drops to 4

4. Texas 2-0 moves to 2

5. UCLA 1-1 stays at 5  (corrected. Bruins swept by UofA, won 3-1 vs. ASU.

6. Oregon 0-2 drops to 9

7. Louisville 2-0 stays at 7

8. Minneosta 1-1 moves to up  6

9. Florida State 1-1 moves up to 8

10. Kansas 1-1 stays at 10

11. Florida 1-1 drops to 13

12. Kansas State  0-1 moves up to 11

13. USC 2-1 moves up to 12

14. Washington 2-0 stays at 14

15. Kentucky  2-0 drops to 17

16 Miami 1-1 drops to 18

17. BYU 2-0 moves to 15

18 Hawaii 2-0 drops to 21

19. Tennessee 2-0 moves down to 20

20. Ohio State  1-1 drops to 23

21 Purdue 2-0 up to 19




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  • OrbitalRipZ

    You keep saying that UCLA lost two in Arizona.
    They actually BEAT ASU and lost to AZ.

  • Access Denied

    Peen State ?

  • Access Denied

    I should talk . If only I could edit what I say :-)

  • et

    So based on the RPI formula, my understanding is only win and loss % count with 75% of the score coming from your opponents and oponents opponents win %. It doesn’t give you bonus points for beating a ranked opponent or penalize you for losing to an unranked opponent. So UH’s win over Stanford is just another win. Nebraska’s two losses to unranked teams last week doesn’t seem to have hurt them. Why doesn’t the The NCAA give equal weight to all three criteria vs only 25% to what the team has direct control over? If this is the game UH has to play, they can’t be scheduling the Albany’s or Idaho’s. They would be better off scheduling an SEC or Big Ten team and losing than winning against these cupcake teams.

  • OrbitalripZ

    Many UH fans are optimistic about securing 1 of the 16 subregional host bids, but I think the window of opportunity is rapidly closing.

    Pac-12 could host 4 (25%) subregionals: #1 Stanford, #5 UCLA, #9 Oregon, and either #12 USC or #13 Washington.

    Big Ten could host 4 (25%) subregionals: #3 Penn St, #4 Nebraska (1 of 4 predetermined regional hosts), #6 Minn, and #19 Purdue (1 of 4 predetermined regional hosts).

    Big 12 could host 2 (12.5%) subregionals: #2 Texas (1 of 4 predetermined regionals) and either #10 Kansas or #11 Kansas State. [Hard to imagine both K teams hosting but it's possible.]

    SEC could host 2 (12.5%) subregionals: #13 Florida and either #17 Kentucky or #20 Tenn. (Granted the NCAA has been very generous to the SEC in recent years, but I don’t see more than 2 this year.)

    Big East should host 1 subregional: #7 Louisville (site of the NCAA Final Four).

    That takes up 13 of the 16 subregional bids.

    ACC should host 1 but could host 2 of the subregionals: #8 Florida St and either #16 N Carolina or #18 Miami (Fl).

    If the ACC is awarded 2 bids, that leaves just 1 opening. Obviously, if just Florida St is the only ACC team to host, that leaves Hawai’i in a stronger position to win a bid.

    The 3 teams fighting for that last spot or possibly last 2 spots will be the WCC’s #15 BYU or #22 San Diego and the BWC’s #21 Hawai’i.

    This is all speculation but it’s fun to do and shouldn’t be taken too seriously by anyone. It’s like the political analysts who keep pointing out the number of ways to the White House: “if he was to win Ohio but lose Penn State, he would still win if he wins Florida but then Colorado comes into play.”

    At the end of the day, many fans will swear they predicted the outcome beforehand, displaying the after-the-fact “foresight” that psychologists call hindsight bias.

  • dedicatedfan

    With all of you concerned about the Wahine’s RPI, all I am concerned about is having them make the NCAA Tournament, which they have. Now all I want them to do is go as deep into the Tournament as they possibly can. If they somehow win the National Championship, it is a bonus. Next year, 2013, is the year that really counts, with almost everyone returning. Also, to help next year, is the fact that the BWC will be alot stronger, baring any more injuries. The Wahine RPI should be alot stronger, making it quite possible for them to host. Just hoping the Athletic Department puts in a bid for the 2013 Regional.

    • 2013 regionals- at USC, Kentucky, Florida, Illinois/ Final four – Seattle, Washingtion.
      2014 regionals- at Washington, Iowa St, Louisville, Minnesota/ Finals – Oklahoma City.

      • Also UH puts automatically puts in a bid for the Regionals every year.

        • Cindy Luis

          Roofer, not completely true. UH puts in a bid for the first-second round every year. The regionals a different matter. and they haven’t always done so. They also put in to host the NCAAs about once every 10 years. 89 and 99. They didn’t get it in 09.

    • OrbitalripZ

      OMG! Someone is already saying, ‘Wait Till Next Year.’

      That’s what some fans said at the end of the 2011 season. Wait till 2012, when Britney will be back healthier, stronger than ever! Wait till 2012, when the great outside hitter Falyn Fonoimoana will join the roster!

      Getting tired of waiting till next year. It’s been 25 years — a quarter of a century — since the Rainbow Wahine won it all. No, let’s not wait till next year. Let’s do it this year — against all odds. SHOCK AND AWE! Goooooo Bows!

  • dedicatedfan

    When do they start selling tickets for the 2013 Final Four, anyone know?

    • Cindy Luis

      you should go to the UW website.

      and the only way I’d be there is
      if I’m back as the Wahine beat writer
      and if UH makes it.
      Mom is in Sequim, about 2 1/2 hours away. but don’t know if she’ll even be there in 2013. She may be coming back to San Diego when she feels better.

  • dedicatedfan

    I know Cindy will be there, chance to see her mom, at the same time.

  • dedicatedfan

    Hawaii needs to put in a bid for the regionals and Final Four every year. Look at Minnesota, they get a Regional this year, and again in 2014, not really fair. Also, how often has Florida gotten a Regional. Come on UH, you need to put in a bid for the Regionals more often. Maybe, it is not all Shoji’s fault, but the fault of the Athletic Department. Then again, after what happened with the Stevie Wonder Concert, I guess it is par for the course. The Athletic Department, just does not have a clue, of what is going on. HAHAHA

  • Cindy Luis

    It isn’t Shoji fault at all. it’s the administration that submits the bids.
    And this doesn’t mean that Hawaii didn’t put in a bid. May mean that it just wasn’t accepted.

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