Notes from Tuesday practice 11-20

November 20th, 2012

Wahine had the day off yesterday. Today was 3 hours and no lifting (6-9 a.m.) Film for the middles this afternoon.

Energy level was very high. Middles looked really good, especially Adolpho. On series she had three straight kills — plays were designed for her but the block couldn’t stop her. Hit several very heavy balls and got some elevation on the step-outs.

Although I don’t think she’ll be on the right tomorrow, Hartong was very impressive on that side on the D sets out of the back row. They’ve worked on some of the combos_x-slide and doubles.

Shoji usually throws those in to prepare for the postseason. Something different other teams won’t have tape on.

Shoji said he feels good about their position in the RPI and the poll. said the combination should be enough to be a top 16 seed and stay home. but, as he said, you never know. But he says he knows they need to win both to keep that chance alive.

Everyone looking pretty healthy. Only major difference is that Kastl has gone from blonde to her natural brunette. Looks very nice.

Ah Mow-Santos was back in practice. she has missed some a couple of weeks ago to take care of her ailing father.

Shoji will be honored after tomorrow’s match.

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