Post-selection show comments from Shoji, Hartong

November 25th, 2012

Overall, the team was pretty shocked. Shoji took them into the locker room to talk it over and discuss potential travel plans.

From Shoji:

Obviously we’re disappointed. We feel we deserved a seed but we just have to move on and get ready to leave. I  understand the ommittee’s reluctance to send three teams here but it was doable. They did it last year.

Once you get into the tournament  there are not many walkovers. Every at-large team is tough.

(Asked him about Nebraska since they struggled against the Huskers in spring)

Nebraska struggled  this season. They are No. 4 but they aren’t a hot team. They’re still really good. We just went to get there (Omaha)

(On going to UW, where they lost in the second round 2 years ago)

We know how tough it is to play there. We know how tough Washington is.

We can’t dwell on where we should have or would have been. We just move on and get ready to play Santa Clara.

Obviously the committee didn’t see fit to travel three teams here. I don’t know if they made money but they. certainly hung their hat on the increase in attendance for the tournament last year. That was because of us (hosting first and second round).

I’d like to be inside that room  and see how things came about.. It’s not a transparent process

(on not being home this week)

Travel is hard but we’ve done it before. It’s very taxing. If we win, then it’s another week traveling. win and it’s another week. We’d like to be in that position to be on the road that long but it’s still tough.

(On the WCC getting six teams in)

It was looking like they’d get five coming into today and they snuck a sixth in. That’s good news for mid-majors. It’s encouraging and I envision that the Big West will be like that next year. Everyone is going to be better.

From Hartong
We thought we were deserving but it is what it is.

(on playing at UW; she was a freshman last time).

I remember it as a small gym and packed with their fans.

(On possible matchup with Nebraska in the regional)

We saw them in spring and most of us were training for beach, didn’t have a lot of indoor reps. I think we’ve improved a lot since them. We have a young team and I have a good feeling going into the tournament. It was nice going undefeated in conference and we’re excited to start the tournament.

(On how close the team is, giving the work they put into Maeda’s senior night)

We love Em. She’s the heart of the team. The team is very close and we all are ready to do our best.


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