Recruiting update for Wahine, Warriors

May 21st, 2011

Sorry, am on vacation and haven’t had internet access.
This is what we had in the paper earlier this week, stories by Ann Miller and Stephen Tsai.

For the men,
Jan-Philipp Marks, 6-5, LS, from Germany
Taylor Averill, 6-7, S-OH-MB, transfer from UC Irvine
Early commits were
Brook Sedore, 6-5, OH, Canada
J.J. Mosolf, 6-6, Opp, Calif.

Wade offered Logan Nowack, S, Iolani 11, but he’s decided to go to U. Denver.

For the women,
Oral commits for 2013
Nikki Taylor, 6-3, OH, Kaiser
Tayler Higgens, 5-10, S, Punahou
as we’ve said in 2012
Tai Manu-Olevao, Punahou.

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  • warriorfan

    Does U. Denver even have volleyball? Nowack would have been a nice get, he’s short but he can get up there.

  • Cindy Luis

    No, Denver doesn’t have any sport that Nowack plays. He’s also an excellent water man and been in the Hawaii Canoe/Kayak Team program. He may end up being manager of the women’s volleyball team, which will help with tuition, close to $50,000 a year (ouch).
    He was looking at the Coast Guard Academy and Maritime Academy as well. Nice young man. lives down the street from us.
    Very high volleyball IQ.

    • ingoodstanding

      Wade’s putting all the eggs into the singular basket (w/ Biscaro)…NOT so good, imo…as future teams would suggest hurtful woes in the setters’ dept.

      Wasn’t Sam on scholie these couple of years? &What’s up with everyone, and their mother, wanting to play for/on UH M’sVB??

      …de team going be 25-30 players next year??? yet should be interesting!

  • krump1

    Is Logan Nowack related to Coach Nowack?

    • Cindy Luis

      Logan Nowack is the son of Dean Nowack, former Wahine assistant coach, and Marcie Wurts Nowack, Wahine who played on two NCAA title teams.

  • thepartyfirst

    Their was mention of 2 Div. 1 transfers, right?

    • warriorfan

      One transfer has been announced taylor averill, the other is from a jc, either Johannes Brink or Ryan thompson.

      • taylor has listed Nick West, 6’8 MB (another transfer from UC Irvine) as committing to Hawaii. He redshirted in 2010, then didn’t play this past season.

        • rayson

          Both Brink and Thompson are jc transfers from the same college (Orange Coast College).

          Good to hear about West.

  • sasa

    Thanks for this thread. Does anyone know how tall Manu-Olevao is and if she passes? I like her energy and competitiveness on court, and would like to see her challenge for playing time. In 2012, the outsides would be Croson, Waber, Goodman, maybe Hartong and Long, and Manu-Olevao.

  • bowsfan

    I wonder if Punahou and Kaiser will be invited to the 2011 Ann Kang Invitational. Went to last years to watch Croson and Adolpho, watched some of Long. If I had known about Nikki Taylor, I would watched her too. We must not forget Adolpho, she’ll be a freebie from wahine basketball.

  • FYI

    Women’s VB-Prep Volleyball’s Top 30 Recruiting Classes

    1. Texas
    2. Penn State
    3. Illinois
    4. Washington
    5. UCLA
    6. California
    7. Wisconsin
    8. Tennessee
    9. Pepperdine
    10. Southern Cal
    11. Arizona
    12. Hawai’i
    13. Nebraska
    14. Purdue
    15. Notre Dame
    16. Florida
    17. Long Beach State
    18. LSU
    19. Arizona State
    20. Utah
    21. Oregon
    22. Missouri
    23. Stanford
    24. Ohio State
    25. Iowa State
    26. Duke
    27. BYU
    28. Kentucky
    29. Georgia
    30. Minnesota

    • Hapa

      Stanford too low; Penn State too high.
      PSU has one too many divas on their team…a couple of more years and their house of cards comes tumbling.

      Things get extremely difficult to manage when one’s whole team is comprised entirely of ‘stars’ and each know, inexplicably, that they should be on the court (& starting).

      My guess is that, some of, three ‘eastern’ schools make it out to HI’s regional this upcoming season. Wisconsin, Missouri or PSU…should be interesting!!!

  • warriorfan

    By the way does any know UH’s chances to get Brittany Howard and Annie Mitchem? two of the only top recruits in 2012 to still be uncommitted, I read both were considering UH….

    • fan

      Imagine if Hawai’i got both of them… :) one can dream!

      • warriorfan

        Ya would be nice, quite franlly the lack of 2012 commitments is worrisome. especially since UH will need to replace Kanani.

        Come on Wong!!

        • ?.?.?

          I agree. Hawai’i needs another OH terminator. Im not sold on Long, Manu-Olevao, or even those on the current roster besides Danielson They are a good 3rd option. I have this nagging urgency for getting a top recruit for 2012 to be part of the 1-2 punch with Croson, Like a BH. I do believe the middles will be good though. Maybe a good transfer at least.

          • Halfhaole

            IF Uiato is the bee’s knees (acccurate–being more so than Mafua–with her ‘quicks’ out to the pins)…

            A: 5’8″, Sr. TR Nani Kabalis

            The passing WOULD BE a whole lot better; the middles WOULD BE more active/efffective; the OHs WOULD BE ‘open’ much more than they have been, as of late.

            Do it Dave!!!

    • fan2

      “Imagine if Hawai’i got both of them…:-) one can dream!”
      Fellow countrywoman V. Lima has sent–GOOD–word…;-)

      A couple of 5’10″, 2012 recruits if all else fails:
      (1) Setter, #11 Fernanda Goncalves
      (2) OH, #9 Debora Araujo

      Anyways, :-9

  • sasa

    I thought Howard was going to Stanford?

  • FYI

    Stanford fans have a habit of claiming that every player who is considered to be one of the top players is going to Stanford.They also have laid claim to Burgess and Inky Ajanaku.They actually claim more players than they have scholarships.

    There is another message board rumor that the other player mentioned here has academic problems and is no longer on her HS team.Once again what you hear isn’t always the truth.

    • Hapa

      Some could argue the “best” was in fact a LBSU, MB, who happens to be a relative. :-)

      Anyway, I believe that Kim will once again do more than fine. Perhaps she is telling the truth about the drug thing..I don’t know why it would’ve ever been a thought to begin with; she’s that good without them.

      It’s about that balance, girl.

      Go to Europe, make some money playing pro, (perhaps) meet a man (& marry) and settle down like your cousin D. Scott has/did.

      [2 cents worth]

  • ainokea

    just checked the Washington State women’s volleyball roster, Kaleinani is not on the roster for 2011.

    does that mean she transferred out? or stopped playing?

    • fan

      maybe she’ll walk on at UH. would be a nice get… play defense and bomb serves.

      note: her sister Kuulei will be attending Kansas State this coming fall

      • Hapa

        “Vintage UH Wahine VB”

        (Despite; contrary to conventional wisdom) Nani SHOULD also hit @ L2, having done some in the PAC…she’s short but could manage to, if nothing else, keep the ball alive/difficult to control.

        Short OHs, tall middles, decent Opp–Oh yeah, baby!!!

        It’d be a return to yesteryear with optimal ball handling to frustrate any and all wouldbe opponents…CLASSIC Shoji team. The middles & Opps would then be engaged in fierce competition(s) for their starting roles.
        *Yes, the sport has changed over the years; although, really it is the same game with (players displaying) ONLY way more athleticism than past.

        The guaranteed, prolonged rallies would (IMO) be a sure draw at the ticketing gates as well. The entertainment value of viewing Na Wahine take everything which the big girls could ‘dish’, only to send them away depleted/despondent would be worth the price of admission.

        Hey, she’s even Hawaiian. Get her on a Bernice Pauahi Bishop (Estate) scholie for this upcoming ’11 fall semester and there you’d have it.

        [ > $0.02 worth, this time around]

        • fan

          She’s actually had little time playing OH while at WSU. Around 36 attempts… i think she got injured which limited her from playing OH and was later relegated to their starting libero.

          • Cindy Luis

            Kabalis had knee surgery early last fall, played in 20 matches, limited front-row, mostly back row/libero.
            don’t know if she’s ‘retired’

  • sasa

    I remember Kabalis being a great hitter with killer serve. How is she with passing and back row d?

  • warriorfan

    Congrats to Dan Fisher, I knew he would be a head coach soon. Maybe he will come back as the head coach some day.

    On a shallow note, he was very nice to look at…. so that will be missed.

  • FYI.***

    Sealy keeps on raking in the tall trees. His latest 2013 recruit is 6’6 Claire Felix 3 AA player of the year in Colorado.

  • ***.FYI

    (2 yrs left)…on this one:
    Jovelyn Gonzaga

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  • stevenM

    what is the situation with F. Fonoimoana? will she be able to qualify for the team? ;)

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