Sand pairs lose in first round

April 29th, 2012

off of twit pic, little blurry but think these are the correct scores. regardless, the Wahine teams didn’t make it to the quarters.

Stoltzman-Hartong lost to Long Beach State 22-20, 21-15

Croson-Lee lost to USC 16-21, 21-19, 15-11

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  • kimo

    Now that sand volleyball season is over, is Wong recruiting players for next season or is he just going to use the indoor players like this past season? Stoltzman, Nordyke, & Lee are gone. That just leaves the indoor players left. Any clue?

    • Cindy Luis

      Wong said he will be recruiting more sand players and augmenting from the indoor if they want to play, such as Croson. He’ll have 3 scholarships to give next season and he would like to have a fourth, but doesn’t know if the funding is there. UH knew it would be tough on the indoor players but they wanted to play. Wong had said he was planning on using sand training anyway for the indoor players. UH wanted to make the commitment to the sport from the beginning, something some other schools didn’t.

  • :D

    pics of the all-americans in case people haven’t seen them

  • :D

    ross and racich won the whole thing with ross going against her former fivb partner roenicke. was hoping that the first sand finals would be against ross and her other former fivb partner croson, but i guess it wasn’t meant to be.

  • Steve

    Sorry, Cindy, a little off topic, but still has to do with Wahine Sports. OcSports (OC12), has announced that they will be televising all Wahine Softball games, at the WAC Tournament, with Howard and Lori during the play-by-play.

  • Jesse

    Disappointing season for the sand team IMO. Hope they have a better one next year.

    • Cindy Luis

      It was disappointing but given they were mostly indoor players who weren’t training as much as some of the other teams, that they got 2 pairs in was pretty good.

  • rage777


    Do you know how Coach Wong picked teams? I thought he should have matched up Larissa with Jane. That way they could have four years to play together.

    • warriorfan

      Larissa only had one season left of eligibility.

    • Cindy Luis

      Wong said teams were picked based on chemistry. He said Croson and Lee were obvious from the beginning. if you remember, both Croson and Lee had extensive international sand experience from U.S. national teams.

    • Cindy Luis

      All the UH players on sand scholarship had only 1 year of eligibility. they all played as fifth-year seniors. Those were Lee, Nordyke and Ka’aihue-Stoltzman.

  • kimo

    On a side note…. KFVE will be airing the 1987 National Championship Match between Hawaii & Stanford this coming Sunday @ 7PM.

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