Sand volleyball pool play FINAL

April 27th, 2012

Thanks to Tiffers for the help, and Pepperdine tweets

Wahine finish 2nd in both of their pools. Not sure how that will translate to their seedings for Sunday’s single elimination. they are both Top 8, somewhere between 5-8.

Pool 1

1. FSU Newgard-Tiegs, 3-0-6-2. 2. UH Croson Lee 1-2, 4-4, LBS 1-2, 3-5, CC, 1-2, 2-4

Jane Croson-Ashley Lee finished second in sets won on the tiebreaker. both losses in 3

L to overerall top-seeded Aurora Newgard-Brittany Tiegs (Florida State), 21-18, 28-30, 16-14

L to  Haleigh Hampton-Libby Fontanilla (Long Beach State) score NA. L 1-2

def. Emily Shelton-Kelly Kolich (College of Charleston), 21-12, 21-17

Pool 4

Elizabeth Stolzman-Emily Hartong (1-2, 4-4) both losses in 3

1. FSU 3-0, 6-1. 2. UH 1-2, 4-4. 3. USC 1-2, 2-4. UNF 1-2, 2-5.

finish second on the tiebreaker on sets won.

lost to Jace Pardon-Jekaterina Stepanova (Florida State), 19-21, 21-15, 15-13, FSU rallying from 13-11 to score last four points

def. Sara Shaw-Geena Urango (USC), 21-16, 21-15

lost to Dagnija Medina-Emily Strack (North Florida), 17-21, 21-18, 15-11

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  • warriorfan

    One small advantage they might have over the Pepp/FSU pairs on sunday, the wahine will have a day of rest.

    • Cindy Luis

      Yep, WF, as I said in Thursday’s story. there is an advantage. but Wong said there was also an advantage to playing Saturday to have more ‘touches’ and more time playing together

  • 808

    from AVCA:

    The Sunday’s Pairs Championship Bracket is as follows:

    (1) Frederick/Hill (Pepperdine) vs. (16) Gallagher/Thomas (UAB)
    (9) Hampton/Cabrajac (LBSU) vs. (8) Stoltzman/Hartong (Hawii)
    (5) Ledoux/Roenicke (LBSU) vs. (12) Melville/Bassett (Stetson)
    (13) Shelton/Kolich (C of C) vs. (4) Newgard/Tiegs (FSU)

    (3) Pardon/Stepanova (FSU) vs. (14) Medina/Strack (UNF)
    (11) Tate/Pizzocheri (FAU) vs. (6) Burnham/Irvin (USC)
    (7) Croson/Lee (Hawaii) vs. (10) Urango/Shaw (USC)
    (15) Chubb/Theesfeld (C of C) vs. (2) Racich/Ross (Pepperdine)

  • Setaone

    I don’t understand how the reseeding worked. Did they just take best record then total sets lost then total points lost? The FIVB was if reseeding after pool play seems to make better sense.

    • 808

      According to the AVCA website the 16 pairs were seeded into a single elimination bracket based on Friday pool play points won/points lost. Buy if I’m reading the results correctly, Ledoux/Roenicke (LBSU) had 1.26 while Newgard/Tiegs (FSU) were at 1.24, yet the FSU team got the 4 seed and LBSU the 5 seed. And Hampton (LBSU) seems seeded up a few places and the Shelton (CofC) team seems seeded down a few spots. Very confusing.

      (1) Frederick/Hill (Pepp) 1.52
      (2) Racich/Ross (Pepp) 1.48
      (3) Pardon/Stepanova (FSU) 1.31
      (4) Newgard/Tiegs 1.24
      (5) Ledoux/Roenicke (LBSU) 1.26
      (6) Burnham/Irvin (USC) 1.14
      (7) Croson/Lee (UH) 1.12
      (8) Stoltzman/Hartong (UH) 1.01
      (9) Hampton/Cabrajac (LBSU) .81
      (10) Urango/Shaw (USC) .93
      (11) Tate/Pizzocheri (FAU) .89
      (12) Melville/Bassett (Stetson) .79
      (13) Shelton/Kolich (C of C) .83
      (14) Medina/Strack (UNF) .80
      (15) Chubb/Theesfeld (C of C) .67
      (16) Gallagher/Thomas (UAB) .65

      • haleiwacrossfitter

        how come all 16 teams are playing again? I thought top 2 made it out of each pool and so that would leave 8 teams left. Why is 1 playing 16, 2 playing 15, etc, etc?

        • Cindy Luis

          no, all 16 tams advance. are reseeded for Sunday. Wong said he’d prefer the top 2 but that’s not how they did it.

  • John

    I can`t understand it either…. A bit confusing

  • LC

    WOW shocker, FSU finished 3rd in the team championship.Pepperdine and LBSU in the final.

  • LC

    Correction Pepperdine is in the finals don’t know who the other team is yet.

  • LC

    OK ,AVCA says Pepperdine and LBSU in the final match for the first national championship which is cool at least it will go to a west coast team.

  • LC

    Pepperdine National Champs.

  • vballfreak808

    Jane Croson an All American!

    3 from FSU, 4 from Pepperdine, and 2 from LBSU. Croson the only player not from those schools

  • jmy

    Looks like Irvine-Stanford going 5…

  • jmy

    Stanford not blocking well at all…

  • vballfreak808

    I hope Stanford pulls it out. I feel like they deserve this more

  • jmy

    Stanford down 2 in the 5th…

  • vballfreak808

    UC Irvine beats Stanford in 5 to advance to the Final Four along with Lewis and Penn State

    Selection Show is tomorrow at 9AM tomorrow (I think?)

    The last spot either goes to Stanford, USC, or maybe Ohio State

  • jmy

    Irvine just won it by coming back from 0-2, just like last night (15-12 in the 5th)…SC will likely get the at-large, but I think Stanford has a pretty good case too…we’ll find out tomorrow…

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