Saturday’s 2nd round matches (UCLA out) FINAL

December 1st, 2012

Home teams ruled Friday in the first round. All Advanced

Already into next week. 3 Texas (hosted) 4 Nebraska (hosted) 6. USC (hosted), 15 Iowa State (hosted). Michigan eliminated host Louisville (seeded 10)

Today’s second round

At Washington: 13 Washington def. Hawaii 3-2

At FSU: Purdue def. t 9 Florida State, 3-2

At Kentucky:  16 Kentucky def. Ohio State 3-1

At Minnesota:  8 Minnesota def. Creighton 3-1

At Florida:  14 Florida def. Charleston 3-0

At Kansas: Wichita State def. 11 Kansas, 3-1

At Penn State: 1 PSU def.  Bowling Green  3-0

At BYU: 12 BYU def. Oklahoma 3-0

AT UCLA: Michigan State def  7UCLA 3-1

At Stanford: Stanford def. Western Kentucky 3-0

At Oregon: 5 Oregon def. Dayton 3-0

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