Saturday’s 2nd round matches (UCLA out) FINAL

December 1st, 2012

Home teams ruled Friday in the first round. All Advanced

Already into next week. 3 Texas (hosted) 4 Nebraska (hosted) 6. USC (hosted), 15 Iowa State (hosted). Michigan eliminated host Louisville (seeded 10)

Today’s second round

At Washington: 13 Washington def. Hawaii 3-2

At FSU: Purdue def. t 9 Florida State, 3-2

At Kentucky:  16 Kentucky def. Ohio State 3-1

At Minnesota:  8 Minnesota def. Creighton 3-1

At Florida:  14 Florida def. Charleston 3-0

At Kansas: Wichita State def. 11 Kansas, 3-1

At Penn State: 1 PSU def.  Bowling Green  3-0

At BYU: 12 BYU def. Oklahoma 3-0

AT UCLA: Michigan State def  7UCLA 3-1

At Stanford: Stanford def. Western Kentucky 3-0

At Oregon: 5 Oregon def. Dayton 3-0

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  • dedicatedfan

    Anyone watching the FSU vs Purdue match. Florida St., the 9th seed, how can that be, they look like a middle of the pack BWC team. In my opinion, the NCAA needs to get rid of this RPI thing, it just is not working. I mean, FSU seeded 9th, and the Wahine, not seeded at all.

    • Orbitalripz

      I wasn’t opposed to the NCAA committee seeding Louisville (site of this year’s Final Four) based on its RPI. But calling it the 10th best team in the nation, while not even including Hawai’i as one the top 16, was a joke. But who am I to laugh at the NCAA’s infinite wisdom. After all, Louisville represents a BCS conference and Hawai’i doesn’t.

      Round 2 Result:
      @ KFC Yum! Center, unseeded Michigan 3, Louisville 1

      [Let's giive U of L some credit. It did beat Belmont (18-17) in Round 1.]

  • dedicatedfan

    In my opinion, the Selection Committee should go with the AVCA Coaches Poll, to determine seeding, then the RPI to select the at-large bids. Of course this makes to much sense for the NCAA Selection Committee, that is why they do not go with this.

  • jmy

    FSU just lost to Purdue…I didn’t think that FSU deserved the #9 seed…

    • Orbitalripz

      FSU, a BCS-conference team, not deserve to be the 9th seed?? How dare you! And I bet you think Hawai’i deserved to be seeded. Sorry, we’re talking about the NCAA committee, and the NCAA does not do Santa at its house.

  • dedicatedfan

    Well, that is 2 seeded teams going down in the 2nd round. Now if only a few more do, it will make the Selection Committee look like chumps. Or, is it that they do not really care.

  • Orbitalripz

    I am watching chump-change match myself: (unseeded) Ohio State vs 16th seed Kentucky, which came out of almost nowhere to nail the 16th seed and subregional:

    Set 1: Ohio St 25, Kentucky 18

    • vballfreak808

      Right now Kentucky tied the match by winning the second set 26-24 and lead in the third now

      • Orbitalripz

        Stopped watching. Very sloppy playing by Ohio State, which was 4th in Big Ten. Can tell you before it’s over that it’s over. Ohio State self destructs and Kentucky wins. (Also angry at all that showboating by the Wildcats, and no warning at all by the head ref.)

  • Beauston

    with all this talk about seeded team going down on 2nd rounds, are we really surprise? It happens every year, yet the NCAA corrupt selection memebers continue to do what they do best which is….
    Let me think this one through for a second…

  • vballfreak808

    Minnesota is in jeopardy of being upset. They are tied at 1-1 but Creighton leads the third

  • Gogetem

    On Leahey and Leahey, Jim had a good point in saying the NCAA wanted UH out as soon as possible so they don’t have to pay for UH to go from Hawaii to the mainland, back to Hawaii and then back to the mainland again. So they make it as tough as possible for Hawaii.

    • Cindy Luis

      UH does not come back to Hawaii should they win. They will stay on the mainland.
      They need to b in Omaha by Wednesday for practice.

  • vballfreak808

    Florida sweeps College of Charleston
    Penn State sweeps Bowling Green.

    Kentucky defeats Ohio State in 4
    Minnesota defeats Creighton in 4

  • jmy

    Only 687 in Tallahassee to watch Purdue-FSU…sad.

    • Grammy

      jmy get it out of your head about any attendance number. If they even considered it than Hawaii would have been the permanent home of the Volleyball Final Four a decade ago. But why reward the top four volleyball teams in the land with a large crowd and knowledgeable and passionate fans, duh? Send them to Omaha the 2nd best in attendance and the rest of the attendance poor locations because teams and their fans and families can use ground transportation instead of get on an airplane and stay in a resort hotel. Okay, that’s exactly why the ProBowl Players vote to come to Hawaii, its so far they can get away and bring their families out of the winter weather. N(o) C(hance) A(ny) A(ttitude) by the committee. Go Wahine! Shred their bogus seedings and beat UW.

  • setaone

    is anyone else not getting any sound on OC16?

  • gabs

    3 seeds go down in 2nd round.
    kansas was 11th seed? gotta be kidding me.

  • come on!

    OC16 better get their video feed fixed before the game…

  • dedicatedfan

    OC16 has 15 minutes to fix whatever problem they are having.

  • letsgo

    from twitter….

    Ryan Kalei Tsuji ‏@ryankaleitsuji

    We are having some audio issues back in Hawaii. We’re working on getting that fixed and will have a complete replay later tonight #OCSports

  • come on!

    it’s fixed! i hope there are no issues during the game…

  • volleyball fan

    Even if they have a replay on TV, what about an online replay? Once the match is over, they’ll never show it online. I’m so angry and frustrated, especially since the Wahine have won the first set. Rats!

  • vballfreak808

    UCLA down 0-2 to Michigan State

  • Manu

    Hi Cindy,
    any word if there would be a welcoming support for the Wahines when they return?

  • tsboy

    these ranked teams playing Bowling Green and Charleston. we play Washington. ridiculous. how easy do they want to make it for Penn State to get back to the final four? talk about east coast bias.

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