Shoji on Bobby’s show this morning

September 20th, 2012

Shoji very, very briefly chatted with Bobby. Not sure if he caught Shoji driving. Didn’t get all of it. Perhaps some of you can augment.

I know they are driving down to Fullerton today, will use the same hotel for the last two matches. Guessing they’ll head over to UCR today for a light practice. Another fairly small venue.

some of his comments

Said they should never have been in the position for it to go to 5. felt fortunate to hold off two match points and pull it out their first road match. Thought CSUN was a good team and played well.

Moved Hartong to the right after they were down 2-1, said Croson and Hartong struggled during the match, said that was more of the problem than the new lineup.

Mentioned the CSUN men’s team dressed up in Aloha attire Said the two sets they loss were on the side with the men’s volleyball team heckling them. Said it wasn’t rude but it was distracting and what they will expect in some places.

They aren’t overlooking anyone, will respect all opponents.

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