Shoji on Bobby’s show this morning

September 20th, 2012

Shoji very, very briefly chatted with Bobby. Not sure if he caught Shoji driving. Didn’t get all of it. Perhaps some of you can augment.

I know they are driving down to Fullerton today, will use the same hotel for the last two matches. Guessing they’ll head over to UCR today for a light practice. Another fairly small venue.

some of his comments

Said they should never have been in the position for it to go to 5. felt fortunate to hold off two match points and pull it out their first road match. Thought CSUN was a good team and played well.

Moved Hartong to the right after they were down 2-1, said Croson and Hartong struggled during the match, said that was more of the problem than the new lineup.

Mentioned the CSUN men’s team dressed up in Aloha attire Said the two sets they loss were on the side with the men’s volleyball team heckling them. Said it wasn’t rude but it was distracting and what they will expect in some places.

They aren’t overlooking anyone, will respect all opponents.

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  • rainbowfan

    Can someone explain why in the back row substitutions that why Vorster has to come in briefly and then Longo comes in ? I don’t know the substitution rules.

    Congrats to the Wahine for not giving up and getting it done.

    Didn’t know Tiff was your son. Yes, he does a good job where we can follow what is happening. I notice he doesn’t get over excited even if it’s the match ending point for UH.

  • Jon

    Vorster comes in to sub back in for her serving sub and then Longo takes over in the back row… That way when Vorster gets back to the front row, she just goes in.

    • Cindy Luis

      Thanks for getting to that first Jon. Am in the middle of writing a story for tomorrow. The sub does look confusing if you’re watching the three players going in and out at the same time.
      Longo does not count as a sub. However Vorster and her serving sub do count and have to officially check in with the down ref.

  • Vinny

    Well I’m pretty sure that CSUN will get a taste of Nick West and his band of hecklers. ;-)

  • Vinny

    Tiff did a great job but what happened at the end of the post game part ? He suddenly became tongue tied , it was as if something or someone was distracting him.

    • Cindy Luis

      Haven’t talked to him about that final part, or even the match. we’ve texted a few times. he may have been distracted or he might have been listening to the program manager in one ear telling him something. he might have been trying to see if he could have gotten someone for postgame coments. Or lost his place in the script.. Sounded like he knew what he wanted to say to end the broadcast and it got a little jumbled there.

  • hammajang

    how do you watch the away games?

  • Warrior Dave

    Thank you Cindy for such a thorough explanation to my question on my prior post. You are awesome!!!

  • rainbowfan

    The bigwest TV is okay, however it only shows one side view of the match all the time. I really like the local telecast coverage on OC 16 on channel 12 or is it on channel 16 ?

    • rainbowfan

      The bigwest TV doesn’t show the score on the screen as the match goes on. How can one keep track of the score if you turn the volume down so as not to disturb your spouse ? Use earphones, I guess.

  • Vinny

    I’m not kicking a gift horse in the mouth BW TV better than nothing at all.

    .I have watched several live feeds from Big West TV this year and many of them are not that great,some had no announcers and the feed was choppy.

    This one was pretty decent. It ran perfectly until the middle of the 5th set when two different programs on my lap top decided to up date and run a scan sending my CPU into the red zone..

    I muted the sound and listened to 1420 and there was hardly any lag between sound and picture.It was a decent experience for a live feed.

    I watched a LBSU feed earlier in the season and it also was pretty good.

  • Jesse

    I hate seeing USC with an awesome mexican freshmen outside and BYU with an awesome Canadian freshmen outside, same with florida with a Slovenian freshmen.. Rest of UH teams have players all over the world except the volleyball team!

  • Vinny

    Dave, the baseball freak, is taking the team to a Angles baseball game.

  • Kuhio

    Will all the road matches be on Thanks.

    • menehune

      The BWC Home Page has a schedule of games to be televised (live streaming), including men and women soccer. Not the best feed but adequate for viewing.

  • Cindy Luis

    from what we’ve been told yes

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