Stanford def. Hawaii 3-0, 2-28

February 28th, 2009

Hawaii leads at the TT, 15-13. UH with 4 blocks, Stanford with 2Warriors seem to have a better handle on Romero. only 2 kills and blocked twice. Tuaniga starting, as well as Clar. instead of Dyer and Walker.UH going to the middles early, unlike Thursday.   UH led 19-18, now trails 21-19. Timeout Warriors.  Hawaii hanging in there but a couple of mistakes have been costly. It was 26-26 but McLachin wins a pattycake with Zemljak then an ace by Kawika Shoji makes it 28-26. timeout warriors.  Kill by Tuaniga brings it to 28-27 but kills by Williams and first kill by Lawson gives Set 1 to Stanford 30-27.  

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  • Cindy Luis

    Set 2: been wondering when this was going to happen. Rawson in at middle, Grgas to opposite. Grgas had a great dig then converted on a kill early. But Stanford has pulled out to a 9-5 lead, with Romero waking up. Timeout uh.
    UH worked hard at keeping it close but a couple of unforced errors proving their downfall. Stanford up 15-12. Grgas who had 2 kills in Set 1 has 5 so far in Set 2.
    Grgas had a serving error and 2 hitting errors contributing to Stanford’s 19-14 lead. Timeout UH.
    The timeout didn’t help. Stanford extended the lead to 23-14 then just had to sideout the rest of the way. Stanford wins 30-21.

  • Cindy Luis

    It’s 15-10 Stanford in Set 3 at the TT.
    spectacular try by Walker to save ball then jump over the table between me and Scott Robbs. but it was ruled out of bounds. now 22-18. Timout UH.

  • Cindy Luis

    Ace by Zemljak pulls Hawaii to 23-20. Timeout Stanford, the first in two matches.
    Stanford scores 3 straight, 26-20, Timeout UH.

  • Cindy Luis

    Stanford wins 30-26

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