Sweet home-and-home Alabama?

May 17th, 2008

Don’t get too excited … these are just some minor rumblings to tickle on a slow day — make that slow week. But at least one guy is trying his best to get another Hawaii and Alabama football series going, and Jim Donovan and Greg McMackin are open to the idea.

Peter Kim, who scored the final points of Bear Bryant’s coaching career, has the ear of Alabama AD Mal Moore, and has been campaigning for more Warrior-Tide games after ‘Bama took 2 out of 3 in the series in 2002, 2003 (the UH win) and 2006 (at Tuscaloosa to open the season).

Donovan said he’s fine with the idea, as long as it includes at least one game here. McMackin said he’s cool with it, too, but points out that the price of oil will probably dictate how far UH will go in the future for road games.

As for the Alabama perspective, it would be difficult for it to play a game at Hawaii late in the season because of the SEC championship game (remember, last time they played here was because they were on probation and ineligible for postseason).

But Peter Kim — he of Yummy BBQ and now Liliha Bakery fame — is a guy with a track record of making things happen. So don’t be too surprised if there’s another Hawaii-Alabama series somewhere down the line.


McMackin is unhappy with a new NCAA rule that disallows head coaches from visiting high schools during the spring recruiting season. His plan was to hit every high school in the state this month in person.

“Since I can’t do that I’m sending two of my (assistant) coaches to each school,” McMackin said.

As for mainland recruiting, McMackin said UH will hit California hard, “from Sacramento to San Diego,” as well as Las Vegas, Utah and other areas with Polynesian kids.

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