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April 30th, 2010

Warriors got in around 1108 a.m. and back on lower campus just before noon.
Mood was OK. Seniors a bit bummed, naturally, but the underclassmen ready to get in the gym today.
Wade was satisfied that they accomplished what they set out to do, which was make the playoffs again. not happy the season is over. Umlauft said they learned a lot. It was the first postseason matches for most of them and I think they’re only going to get better. They’ll miss Cervantes, Rawson and Grgas most, I think, of the 5 seniors. Lot of experience there. Walker said they’re ready to get better, expand on the improvement they made this year.

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  • Ron April 30, 2010 at 4:56 pm

    They took giant steps this season and if they can continue to work they will be a force next year. I think that Hunt showed that he can play as well as anyone and along with Nate, Josh and Jonus returning, and several good recruits we will be good to go. The coaches were really great at motivation and game planning and they will be better next year. We thank the team for the thrills they brought us this year and we are looking forward to next year! Thank you also for your contributions in making it a fun year. Now lets start worrying about the Wahines!

  • Jogga April 30, 2010 at 6:01 pm

    Can’t wait for next season. Will seem strange not hearing Cervantes, Rawson and Grgas’ name – seems like they have been here longer than 4 yrs.

    Need to pick your brain – do you think it hurts UH recruiting when the good players go away and make Stanford successful? When Dave tries to recruit someone like Alix Klineman – if she had a choice between Stanford & UH, do they wonder why would UH be good enough for me but not for his sons? You may say it’s academics but it was good enough for Kamana’o (Iolani), Ka’aihue (Punahou) and Danielson/Kahumoku (Kamehameha) and others. Or at that time when the Shojis was entering college, Wilton was the coach and he didn’t come across as very friendly like Wade does although I never heard any of the players complain about Wilton’s coaching.

    Not ready to support Stanford winning the whole thing but I guess the frustration UH men feel about losing to Stanford is the way NMSU feels about losing to UH women’s year after year.

    • Cindy Luis April 30, 2010 at 11:50 pm

      jogga you bring up a good point about what happened with the Shoji boys. But when you look at it, Stanford is successful this year. They have won 1 NCAA title and that was in 1997. Saturday’s match will be very interesting. CSUN has defeated Stanford twice already and I wouldn’t be surprised if they make it a third. win or lose, both Stanford and CSUN will be playing in the NCAA tournament.
      Think you’re comparing two different things with Klineman and local players. Klineman didn’t grow up here, Kamana’o, Ka’aihue, Danielson did. They grew up wanting to play for Hawaii.
      The situation for Stanford men is a bit of an abberation as i’ve said before. Kawika, Spencer, Jordan all on the junior national team together. Wanted to stay together in college. Erik nearly went to Penn State but they ended up bringing in a Puerto Rican libero who was a year ahead of Erik.
      I’ll get around to some of your other comments tomorrow. It’s nearly midnight and been a long day. Good night.

  • Jogga May 1, 2010 at 10:41 am

    Sorry didn’t mean to just point out Stanford. I know USC got the McKibbins and other teams also got the good HI players. I guess the Shojis are the most high profile. So I think when parents look at their sons/daughters getting recruited, they look at the coaches and whether their children went to the school – at least I would think so.
    Yes, Aaron and Jenny played for Mike and Dave, but looking at the Shojis, they have had national articles written about them, so yes, they are more high profile. And I would think that would make a difference in recruiting. I guess girls are more sentimental about staying home to play then boys.

    I think UH could have beaten Stanford but I think sending K5 had positive and negative results for the team. It was positive because we as fans would have complained so much had K5 not shown the game. The negative is that I think it put more pressure on the guys to do well because they would really want to win so badly to justify having the station go up with them. Not to mention the blogs on the UH website. Nejcs did a daily blog along with the media director. I think the pressure made them press which would have caused more errors. On the other hand, sending the cameras up to Stanford probably implied to Stanford that if K5 is coming up, it is possible that HI could beat Stanford and the local guys at Stanford would not want to lose on K5 so they stepped up their game.

    I wonder what Dave & Mary would have done if Erik did go to Penn State – how would they go up to watch both of them. AT least this way they can see both play at once.

    Just thinkin out loud. Sorry so long.

    • Cindy Luis May 1, 2010 at 2:48 pm

      I doubt that TV added pressure.
      As for the Shojis, VB mag is very familiar with Dave so it was a natural for them to do an article. Not like we (the Hawaii media) haven’t done it … for years.
      The McKibbins have a family connection with USC so no surprise they ended up there.
      McLachlin’s dad Chris played and coached for Stanford so no surprise there.
      Cobey was up at Stanford and no surprise that Kawika went up there.
      I think both Dave Shoji and Mike Wilton concentrated their recruiting rresources on the kids they know they can get. Why waste time and money on kids who you know are already going away … although in some cases, I think a courtesy contact would go a long way in community relations. Wade has been going to HS and club practices and the local coaches have appreciated that. Wade wants to make UH a viable option for the local talent, not the last option.

  • Miles May 1, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    First tim commenting. Notice that whoever was playing lft side hitter did not step to the right to take up the space between them and the back row. I thought that would have allowee them to have a shot at every cross court shot by Lawson. Just a thought for next season. Go Wahine softball…

    • Cindy Luis May 1, 2010 at 3:10 pm

      Deptends on the passing rotation and defensive alignment as to what the left side does. That Hawaii defense was much improved, as was their serve-receive.

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