Texas’ Elliott COY in Division I

December 13th, 2012

Congrats to Jerritt, former UH Warrior (briefly), named AVCA coach of the year.

Announced at today’s awards banquet. here’s the release

Texas Volleyball head coach Jerritt Elliott has been named 2012 AVCA (American Volleyball Coaches Association) Division I National Coach of the Year, announced today. This is Elliott’s first national honor while coaching at Texas and the third time that a Big 12 coach has won the honor.

Elliott guided the Longhorns to a 27-4 overall record and UT’s fourth trip in five years to the NCAA Final Four. He led Texas to a 15-1 record and the 2012 Big 12 championship, his fifth conference title at the helm of the Longhorns.


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  • Geno Tamayo

    How long was he at uh?

  • Cindy Luis

    if i remember correctly it was the 89-90 season but he was injured and don’t think he played. He transferred in from Pepperdine. Still great friends with Brian and Karrie Poppinga. The Poppingas have been living in Texas for a while now. Elliott considered Karrie for his assistant job but she had two young children at the time. Believe the job then went to Salima Davidson Rockwell, former Penn State setter.

  • WaWa

    Does anyone know if there is Archived Video of any of the Regional Finals/ this past Semi-Final matches? Info on this might have been posted somewhere earlier, but I have been so swamped with finals I have not been paying any attention to anything but results. Thanks.

  • vballfreak808

    Alaina Bergsma is Player of the Year

  • Warriofan

    More like recruiter of the year…

  • Orbitalripz

    What a block party the Horns had in Set 1. THEY OWNED THE NET with 6’3″ Molly McCage (Middle Blocker), 6’3″ Haley Eckerman (OH), 6’3″ Bailey Webster (OH). (FYI: Bailey Webster was my choice for Big12 POY, not Eckerman who won it.) And try as the Ducks may to hit high hands, Texas seems to be waiting for those high-hand attempts. Oregon has got to hit when the blockers hands are coming down! Easier said than done but they are a smart team.

  • sunandsurf

    Yup, but Oregon is showing some grit in set 2!!!!!

  • vballfreak808

    Texas up 2-0 (25-11, 26-24). Going to be a scary match when they come to Hawaii next season

  • sunandsurf

    Man, it ain’t looking good for the ducks!

  • Orbitalripz

    Set 2: Bergsma finding her rhythm. Ducks, underwater throughout Set 1, is showing some buoyancy. But in spite of poor passing, Oregon’s Plum has got to set faster to beat the physicality of Texas. HALF TIME: Set 1 Texas (25-11), Set 2 Texas (26-24). Thus far, 15 errors for Oregon, only 3 for Texas.

    Note: Should Longhorns win, it will be their first national volleyball championship in 24 years. (Were Hawai’i playing, the Bows would have been going for their first national volleyball championship in 25 years.)

  • Orbitalripz

    Like the ESPN announcer said, Texas was flying under the radar almost all season long — especially with that conference-season-ending loss to Iowa State. Final Four-tested Texas — 15 blocks to 1 for Oregon — played an almost perfect match. Congrats to the Longhorns and MVP Bailey Webster. And congrats to the two Hawaii players on the team — though neither made any impact at all. Lol

  • vballfreak808

    Congrats to Texas! 2012 National Champions!

  • Jesse

    Oregon , felt like I was watching the wahine in final four, totally outblocked, and yet keep setting outside, outside, outside!!

  • dedicatedfan

    Well, that means, the Wahine will be meeting the Defending National Champion, for the 2nd year in a row. Only this time, they will be openning their season against the Defending National Champion.

  • sunandsurf

    The stats are mind blowing; ducks clearly got beat by the better team today

  • menehune

    Alaina Bergsma, POY, hit .000 for the match: 9 kills,
    9 errors.

    • sunandsurf

      Exactly; the stats say it all; Texas was on fire and hitting out of this world! Unfortunately, not so for Oregon AND they had so many errors. :-(

  • Robin

    Texas didn’t fool Oregon..often set it very high and outside, to Kim Willoughby-type OH’s, except several inches taller.

  • sunandsurf

    The amazing thing is that they didn’t have to fool anyone! It didn’t matter cuz they were just hitting over the block!!!

    • dedicatedfan

      Wondering how the Wahine will defend the high-flying Longhorn LS hitters, with their smallish RS players. Like you said, Longhorn hitters were hitting over the Oregon block. They will be hitting way over the Wahine RS players, if Shoji continues to use smallish RS players.

      • Jesse

        Iowa state and Michigan state had smaller players than texas and they beat/almost beat them, Oregon choked. Texas is good but NOT that good.

        • dedicatedfan

          That is good to know, thanks. Also, Shoji having Nikki Taylor in his back pocket, not bad either, I guess.

        • Beauston

          Disagree, good enough to be the 2012 NCAA WVB Champions. 24 blocks against a good Oregon team (2 blocks) and finish their match with only 4 hitting errors and put their opponent away hitting at .432
          If thats not good enough for you, I dont what is.

          BTW Texas only had to have 2 hitters with double digit kills coz everyone on the team did their roles.
          I hope Shoji watched this team played tonight, if your going to depend on only 2 hitters, this is how you get everyone else on the team work and do what their suppose to do to win the match.

      • menehune

        Shoji should consider using Stephanie Hagins in the middle in place of Adolpho to help with the blocking against Texas. With Nikki Taylor and Stephanie, this would present a formidable wall….IMO.

  • sasa

    Yeah, I’d like to see Hagins in the middle as well, I think she could be a good one for the wahine if they give her a chance. You can’t teach 6’4.

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