The morning after

November 26th, 2012

Thought we should start a new thread since there’s become an issue with too many replys to certain posts. Which is why you see comments bouncing all over the place.

I used an incorrect term yesterday when saying the committee was ‘supposed to’ use the AVCA poll and Pablo when seeding. As Warrior 15 pointed out, the reality was that the committee had those tools available to help.

Mentioned earlier that Shoji’s disappointment is about the lack of transparency. No one knows why they seeded Kentucky over teams with better records, RPIs, Pablo and even poll ranking. Other than it was regional convenience.

Kentucky (20-10) wasn’t even in the coaches top 25. received 9 votes. And they weren’t top 18 in last week’s RPI. They were 19 in the latest RPI but still got a seed. Jumped over not only Hawaii 26-2 (17) but North Carolina 25-5 (15) and Texas A&M 24-5 (16).



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