The morning after

November 26th, 2012

Thought we should start a new thread since there’s become an issue with too many replys to certain posts. Which is why you see comments bouncing all over the place.

I used an incorrect term yesterday when saying the committee was ‘supposed to’ use the AVCA poll and Pablo when seeding. As Warrior 15 pointed out, the reality was that the committee had those tools available to help.

Mentioned earlier that Shoji’s disappointment is about the lack of transparency. No one knows why they seeded Kentucky over teams with better records, RPIs, Pablo and even poll ranking. Other than it was regional convenience.

Kentucky (20-10) wasn’t even in the coaches top 25. received 9 votes. And they weren’t top 18 in last week’s RPI. They were 19 in the latest RPI but still got a seed. Jumped over not only Hawaii 26-2 (17) but North Carolina 25-5 (15) and Texas A&M 24-5 (16).



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  • Warrior-15

    at this point, there’s no use dwelling on the machinations behind the bracket. it’s done. it’s sucks. but it’s done. and although tough, it’s entirely do-able.

    first up is santa clara — they went 5-4 against common opponents with hawaii. they beat Davis, San Diego St, Fullerton and San Francisco (2x). they lost to Stanford, Pacific and St. Mary’s (2x).

    santa clara also beat some solid teams in BYU, San Diego and Pepperdine. (they split the season series with all those teams.)

    so santa clara is perfectly capable of knocking off the wahine. they will not be an easy out. on paper hawaii is the better team. so hawaii just has to take care of business.

  • Pochonese (of the PNW)

    Get by Santa Clara. &Truly who doesn’t anticipate this happening…

    Vansant has been out for two weeks; Alma Serna was out for three.
    +She’s a right-handed hitter. She’s not “goofy-footed” either.

    Both UH and UW played LBSU this 2012 season.

    Shoji will be made or broken on his lineup choices, still debatable, which he’s waited sooo long to submit.

    Passing SHOULD / ‘VE…be / been the focus (a two-thirds majority if you will) of this team…and for an all along process too.

  • Sodakine

    So I was reading upon the 64 teams, and I didn’t see Utah Valley women’s volleyball team in the brackets. Unless I’m blind, didnt they win the great west conference, which allowed them a automatic bid?

    • Sodakine

      This isn’t my comment. Check the IP address.

      …It’s your blog!

    • Warrior-15

      The Great West is still relatively new, and may not have an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament … yet. i’m not sure what the requirements are for that, or how long the conference has to be around before they get an automatic bid.

  • wen

    Still, if you’re they’re going to put UH on the road, they could have at least given them an easier sub-regional. But then that might have sent them out east(ugh).

  • MarkundPaul

    Well, we can only do what we have control over. So, calling all Puget Sound UH ohana to come support the girls this Friday and Saturday!

  • Grammy

    Just was wondering…I know Hawaii leads in attendance yearly, but about what % of total web attendance is that really do we have a case that way that we deserve a regional and can a case be made usingthatroute that some venues don’t deserve them? I understand that they don’t factor that in, but let’s just compare this year’s totals with last year’s and see what the result is in terms of $ and sense. Just thinking this might change some committee members thinking, but then they’ll just find another ‘loophole’ or make another behind closed doors ruling. Go Wahine!

  • pacesetterhawaii

    Just made my reservations. Will be in Seattle to cheer for the Wahine. GO BOWS!!

  • dakine75

    will there be TV coverage for the sub-regional in seattle?

  • Cindy Luis

    Yes, OC16 will be there.

  • Zig

    I don’t understand why the university doesn’t file some kind of official protest. Sports are big bucks these days. You can’t just roll over on your back and concede when there are clearly some improprieties going on here. There is no logic to Kentucky being seeded over Hawaii. Also, why aren’t any of the sports writers digging into this, asking questions, doing actual journalism? It would be a great story if someone got to the bottom of this.

    • Beauston

      Youve got a point there, as per the protest, games continue amidst it, so pretty much making a blind see and a mute speak at this point.
      As per reporters, you’d be surprise there are actual writers out there who would want to dig into this kind of stories but unfortunately the sport is not football, which with the rare exception for UH, does mot make any revenue for most schools like football does so it does not get the attention it needs politically therefore scrap by the editor in the ” rountable” stages of ideas on what to cover. This is of course IMHO.

      • Beauston

        In addition, its going to take more than a few schools to make some noise if protest is filed. The way Karch sounded yesterday when the announcement was made that UH was not seeded, he conveniently used said ” the fans think they should be seeded” or something to that effect when he really means the Hawaii should be seeded but they get screwed by NCAA so many times im tired of hearing and talking about it. And he wont complain because schools from Pac12 which he favors has not been screwed as much as Hawaii have been over the years.

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