To fee or not to fee?

July 14th, 2010

Thoughts on the proposed student activity fee for UH? I like it but I’m not paying for it.
Perhaps it would give the students a reason to show up for athletic events. Perhaps they don’t have the $3-$5 per game to pay at the gate but if they had a card that let them in without a hassle … when I was in school (UCLA in the 70s) , we had a fee. everyone paid it and everyone got a book of tickets for football games. Basketball (men’s) was another matter. You put your name in for season tickets and were chosen by computer lottery. then you got the free tickets.
And all of the other sporting events were free. Back in the day, we used to drop in to watch some of men’s volleyball on the way to playing an IM contest. Don’t think they even bothered with tickets for MVB, and they played in Pauley.

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  • jeff

    I am in favor of it.This is something that just have to be done.Really would the students be in favor of any fee increase?Of course not Maybe $50 might be too much for a start but it is far less than other schools. Maybe some middle ground can be found.

  • ingoodstanding

    IN FAVOR (of the activity fee); UH should join the rest of the nation in the this regard.

    Played (vb) myself, incidentally, in Pauley…great experiences along with all of the greats! :-)

  • LX

    I attended UH a couple years back, and if I had to pay an activity fee (for a reasonable amount), it wouldn’t have really bothered me — there are so many fees anyway, why not one to support athletics? UH athletics is pretty big in this state and it gives the students a sense of pride (especially if the high profile teams are winning). Maybe if I had to pay a fee, I would have attended more games … but for the arena sports (women’s vb), when I would buy tickets, I would always be seated in the nosebleed areas … but that has probably changed with the new student seating area (Manoa Maniacs).

    However, if I paid that fee and say, football and men’s basketball are doing bad … and someone like Colt Brennan is complaining about soap, then I might be a little disgruntled. But I believe the fee is necessary to keep the athletics program afloat (to help alleviate the constant annual deficit). I mean, what is the other option — eliminating football? I just hope they do a good job of managing the money.

  • po'okela

    i hear ya LX. as a former UH student there are a ton of other fees students are responsible for that don’t make a direct impact on them which is why i’m surprised that now everyone is b*tchin’ about a simple athletics fee which ‘most’ guys are charging…

  • Warriorfan

    I am in favor of it 100 percent and think this might get some more students to attend games.

  • andy

    students pay a fee to support the student newspaper, the radio station, they pay a bus fee, etc. most of them probably don’t use any of those things. why complain about the athletic fee? sure its more money, but athletics is part of the student experience just like the newspaper and radio station. the bus fee? now thats a head scratcher.

  • wen

    Considering that UH is 80% (or more) tax and spend liberals, it’s surprising they hadn’t imposed this new fee a lot sooner. ;)

  • Bobby


    What happened with the Blog! I’m going through withdrawal! I hope you’ll be around during the upcoming season!

  • bowsfan

    Was wondering the same thing. Any one going to the Ann Kang Invitational. Maybe VB blog can have Ann and Cindy manning this blog together, since the newspaper merged any way. The bloggers can have both opinions.

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