NCAA semis, Texas in 5, Oregon in 4

December 13th, 2012

link is

on ESPN2  OC224 in Hawaii

2 p.m. HST

3 Texas def. Michigan, 25-11, 21-25, 23-25, 25-12, 25-11

5. Oregon def. Penn State, 21-24, 30-28, 25-22, 25-19

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  • rnr

    does anyone know if it’s being streamed live… been on but nothing… I know it’s tied right now a set a piece in the 3rd .. go Blue !!!

    • Warrior-15

      probably too late for the first semifinal, but for the second… if you don’t have access to espn2, there is an alternative link to watch a stream of the matches. it’s posted on VT.

      sorry, i would post it here, but doing that causes the post to get trapped in the spam filters …

  • Kauaiboy

    Wow, Lexi Erwin reminds me of Hartong….

  • dedicatedfan

    Who you rooting for Cindy?

    Oh, btw, I loved Emily Hartong’s comment, in Ann’s column today.

  • rnr

    too bad their setting Lexi waaay too much!

  • sunandsurf

    Michigan came oh so close!!!!!

  • gabs

    omg. beth mowin’s reference towards oregon’s fast tempo offense, “quack attack” , is hilarious.

  • dedicatedfan

    I cannot wait for the first Wahine Volley Match of 2013. I gaurantee, it will be a sellout. Why, cause it will be against the Horns of Texas. What a way for the Wahine to start their dream season.

    • Texas would never be the first match of the 2013 season on the Wahine schedule. Depending on which tournament they are in Chevron, Hawaiian Air or Verizon they would be the 3rd, 6th or 9th match of the season. Also to be sorted out is there are 20 BW matches and 9 play dates for the 3 tournaments, that’s 29 days. The schools are only allowed 28 play dates according to the NCAA.

      • dedicatedfan

        Wala, Sorry, but that statement about, Texas being the Wahine’s first opponent for the 2013 season, came straight from Dave Shoji, himself.

        • Cindy Luis

          Don’t remember Shoji saying Texas was the opener.
          the story Ann wrote that ran Dec. 3 said:
          Next fall Texas, UCLA, San Diego, Arizona and Northwestern are among the teams coming to Hawaii. Shoji believes “everybody in the Big West will be a little better.”

          Schedule not out yet. don’t know how they’ll be able to get 3 3-team tournaments in with the 20 BWC matches … only 8 dates left. unless they play twice on a day.
          The other options are 2 3-team tournament, 1 2-team tourney. or 2 3-team tourneys and one team out for 2 matches.

        • Cindy quoted Ann Millers article correctly, I still have it. I doubt it very much if Shoji said “the first match” simply because, in all 3 tournaments UH has, they always schedule the toughest team last, as Stanford, Cal, and UCLA this past season. Texas would be last to be played of the 3 teams in the tournament, probably on a Sunday. With the teams Shoji named, the top dogs would be Texas, UCLA and I’m guessing Arizona.

  • Kazu

    Congratulations to the Ducks. Penn State finally played a team that they couldn’t walk over.GO DUCKS!!!!

    • dedicatedfan

      Kazu, you said that right. PSU, finally faced a team they just could not cake walk over. The Selection Committee, needs to do something about that. Quit giving PSU a free ride to the Final Four. It is truly unfair, to all the other NCAA Tournament teams.

  • jeffwaikiki

    wow oregon volleyball not football might win title but i favor the longhorns

  • Beauston

    Congrats to the Ducks, I could not have been happier PSU did not get a free pass to the finals this time around.
    Oregon won with 3 hitters putting up huge double digit kills.
    Looking at their stats and where the Wahine is at in comparison, Shoji needs a 3rd player to put up huge kills besides Croson and Hartong. That’s how PSU went down tonight, Mclendon and Scott got more than 60% of the sets tonight hence became too predictable.
    We know both Croson and Hartong will be explosive next year, unless Uiato feels confident to set Vorster more who is more than capable of putting up double digit kills, I’m not sure they’ll make it as far as we want them to be.

    • Cindy Luis

      Agree that PSU had a cakewalk into the regional final, as has been the trend.Getting Binghamtom, Bowling Green and Kentucky (then host Minnesota) to start the tournament was hardly fair to the rest of the teams. It is a disservice to the sport the way the bracket continues to be set up the way it is.
      By comparison
      Oregon had Northern Colorado, Dayton, BYU then host Nebraska
      Texas was home the whole way when playing Colgate, Texas A&M, Florida and USC. Barely beat Michigan 3-2
      Michigan had a tough road. only team not at home for the first two rounds. on the road to beat Tennessee 3-2 and Louisville at Louisville, then to Cal when beating Michigan State and Stanford, then back to Louisville for Texas

  • wisemary

    Agreed with Beauston,

    Looking at the stats of the UW vs UH second round, only Croson and Hartong was in double digit kills.

    Glad to read that Shoji acknowledged Uiato’s set selection has blossomed after the second half of the season.

    The goal with Vorster is that she needs to not crowd the setter. Ajanaku, Okpala, Wopat, Hawari, all do a great job of allowing the ball to be atleast an arm swing’s length away as they approach. Voster is under the ball most of the time and that is because she’s trying to get to the ball really fast but not allowing herself the distance for a full swing.

    I wish Adolpho would commit more off season (volleyball) to conditioning and rep’s with the setter(s). I think of Cia Goods, Joselyn Robins, Juliana Sanders, as local recruits who benefitted from tons of off season conditioning and volleyball reps who improved leaps and bounds over the years.

    The right side hitter for Hawaii has to be more offensive. Shoji says it difficult to find a good middle and a good opposite. Lots of converted h.s/college middles became effective right side players: Penn State, Cal, Long Beach, Jenny Wilton, Jenny Roberts to name a few.

    • Cindy Luis

      The problem is Adolpho isn’t going to commit to more volleyball reps. Her commitment is to basketball, which is paying for school. Believe most of the players are back second session summer school and that’s when everyone gets reps with the setters via open gym. Don’t believe either setter was here for first session and don’t think they had open gym until July. Some of these players are also coaching club volleyball.

      • dedicatedfan

        Cindy, what you say is true. But Adolpho does miss the Spring practice time, cause basketball is still in season. I do believe the Spring practice time, is devoted toward fundamentals, if I am not mistaken. Something that Adolpho could really benefit from.

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