Top 25 & BWC matches 10-27 Saturday

October 28th, 2012

No. 7 USC def. Washington State 3-0

No. 8 Hawaii def. UCI 3-2

No. 14 San Diego lost to Santa Clara 2-3

No. 15 Dayton def. Duquesne 3-0

No. 16 Kansas State def. Balor 3-1

No. 18 BYU def. Portland 3-0

No. 19 Western Kenutcky def. Florida Atlantic 3-1

No. 20 Ohio State def. Iowa 3-0

No. 21 Purdue def. Michigan State 3-2

No. 22 Iowa State def. TCU 3-0

No. 25 St. Mary’s def. San Francisco 3-0

Big West

CSU Fullerton def. Pacific 3-2

UCSB def. Cal Poly 3-1

CSUN def. Long Beach State 3-2  First time the Matadors have ever beaten the 49ers twice in conference play during a season

UC Davis def. UC Riverside 3-0





Some really good matches for today, Sunday, 10-28

Penn State-Nebraska, UCLA-UW in particular

#1 Penn State @ #4 Nebraska [Big Ten]

#3 Oregon @ Utah [Pac-12]

#5 Washington @ #6 UCLA [Pac-12]

#8 Texas @ Oklahoma [Big 12]

#10 Minnesota hosts Illinois [Big Ten]

#12 Florida St hosts Virginia Tech [ACC]

#13 **Louisville @ Cincinnati [Big East]

#24 Miami (Fl) hosts Virginia [ACC]

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  • Beauston

    Would San Diego’s loss to Santa Clara help Hawaii on he RPI since San Diego was ahead of Hawaii?

    • vballfreak808

      It most likely will help. It also helps that Nebraska might lose 2 matches this weekend. they were swept by Ohio State and are down to Penn State now

    • Warrior15

      San Diego’s RPI could take a hit, especially since they lost twice this weekend, not just to Santa Clara, but also to St. Mary’s.

      It’s tough to say though, b/c although Hawaii won twice, it was against teams with records of 11-11 (Long Beach St) and 10-15 (UC Irvine). Playing a team with a losing record in particular doesn’t help the RPI.

    • Warrior15

      and actually Hawaii is 18 in the RPI … ahead of San Diego at 19.

      Tennessee is 16, and they lost this weekend. so perhaps their RPI takes a slight hit as well.

      • Warrior-15

        Tennessee DID drop in the RPI, but since they lost to Kentucky … then Kentucky pretty much jumped up and took their spot.

        As a result, Hawaii remains at 18 in the RPI this week.

  • Grammy

    Thinking about the Wahine ‘domination’? so far this season, to ask for perfection from a relatively ‘new’ starting lineup would be too much. So adjusting our sights to achievable heights ‘undefeated’ is very good. New conference, new-old foes (most of whom have losing past records against Shoji – as his team has only beaten ‘new Pacific’ team) he is again throwing down the gauntlet for the conference. “Match us in recruiting, beat our block or defense or out dig us otherwise you will lose. Maybe not in 3, but 4 or 5″. He has again crafted a group that will not beat itself in close games. And I only can hope this new/old attitude will serve the Wahine throughout the year. Emily Maeda as the only senior is rising to the role, but out on the court its the ‘other’ Emily who is leading. And Aly and Ashley may be ‘loud’ but it is really turning into a ‘live or die as a team’ so when Emily H. goes off, those around her have to pick it up, too. And for fans, Go Wahine! And until we see you on the court again, Jane, love ya and can’t wait to see you and your spikes, diving one-arm digs and serves.

  • RYK

    Hawaii can clinch the Big West title with 2 wins at home this weekend. UCSB in 2nd place, but they have 4 losses already and we play them next.

  • LC

    diggingnawahine has some photos from the LBSU match, there is one of Alex Griffiths who was at the match and I swear that girl sitting behind her is a Hartong.

  • OrbitalripZ

    “Curiouser and curiouser!” cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English).

    We’ve reached the point where no one is saying, “It was ugly but we’ll take it.” (We all remember that truly ugly match against California. Since that ugly lost, every other ugly has gone our way.)

    And yet still the Wahine remains undefeated. (And there’s that “parity” word that keeps coming up, but I haven’t heard it applied to the BWC. Should it? Not when you’ve almost called it a conference wrap.)

    And yet still the UH remains in a position — albeit “bubble” position — to have a chance to host 1 of the 16 national subregionals. (But the WCC catfight will determine UH’s faith, with RPI #15 BYU, #19 San Diego, #29 Pepperdine, #31 St. Mary’s, and #43 Santa Clara all with a chance to make the NCAA tournament, with the eventual league champ hoping to present a stronger case over Hawai’i to be 1 of the 16 subregional hosts.)

    It’s been an Alice in Wonderland season yet still no matter how many times the Queen yells, “Off with her head! Off with her head!”, Alice (aka Rainbow Bows) still has her head on and is still chasing the White Rabbit (aka NCAA Final Four).

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone — especially the Women of Manoa!
    Looks like we’re going to Set 5 in that PSU-Nebraska matchup.

    • OrbitalRibZ

      “Parity”, Parody…Is this where I now roll my eyes like so: @@?

      The NCAA doesn’t have but a vague clue about WVB. It used to be that the AIAW had a more concrete understanding by including those who were experts in the sport.

      These days there are MANY pretenders…comically there is an ‘OrbitalRIPz’ out there, also, with quite the play as well.

      • vballfreak

        AIAW? You must be really old!

        • Cindy Luis

          You really can’t say the AIAW had a better clue. So few schools offered the sport, as compared to the 300-plus now.
          The AIAW national championship was a three day pool play event . you got re-seeded after each pool play round.
          The clue they did have was in letting the teams prove themselves on the court, not allow some computer to dictate.

  • vballfreak808

    Top 25 Results [10-28]
    #1 Penn State lost to #4 Nebraska (2-3)
    #3 Oregon def. Utah (3-0)
    #4 Nebraska def. #1 Penn State (3-2)
    #5 Washington lost to #6 UCLA (1-3)
    #6 UCLA def. #5 Washington (3-2)
    #8 Texas def. Oklahoma (3-0)
    #12 Florida State def. Virginia Tech (3-0)
    #13 Louisville def. Cincinnati (3-0)
    #24 Miami def. Virginia (3-0)

  • Safinator

    Any replays on YouTube for the Sabine vs lbsu match?

  • uhfan

    There’s suppose to be a replay of the wahine vs long beach match this morning at 9 on ch, 228

    • rnr

      nice and Congrats to her and the team – Hartong certainly deserved it with the incredible amount of swings she saw… Hope she gets BW player of the year – at the very least!

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