Top 25 & WAC scores 10-29

October 29th, 2011

#1 Nebraska def. #8 Penn State 3-1
#3 Illinois (H) lost to #15 Minnesota 0-3
#4 USC def . #2 California 3-0
#6 UCLA def. #5 Stanford 3=0
#7 Hawaii leads Nevada 2-0
#11 Purdue def. Michigan State 3-1
#12 Northern Iowa def. Wichita State 3-0

#17 San Diego (H) def. San Francisco 3-1
#18 Pepperdine (H) def. Portland 3-0
#21 Oklahoma lost to Missouri 0-3
#22 Michigan (H) def. Indiana 3-0
#25 Colorado State (H) def. UNLV 3-0

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  • GL

    Nebraska lost to Penn State in 4

  • GL

    USC def Cal 3-0
    UCLA def Stanford 3-0

  • Jogga

    What has happened to Cal recently? Didn’t they lose two this weekend?

  • pacesetterhawaii

    Cal lost to UCLA yesterday.

  • GL

    it’ll be interesting to see the rankings on monday

    • volleyball fan

      I hear you. The top five lost at least one match this weekend. UCLA ranked #6 won both matches, but they have a total of three losses while Illinois has a total of two. I guess votes will be divided whom to award the #1 and #2 rankings. It’s a toss-up.

  • Cindy Luis

    Idaho def. NMSU3-1 25-14 in Sets 3 & 4
    Fresno State def. San Jose State 3-1
    Utah State def. LaTech 3-0

  • Lanaiboy

    Wasn’t too surprised by by the Idaho win against New Mexico State. Idaho looked impressive against the Wahine with its blocking and floor defense. Fresno State win against San Jose State was not surprising either. Fresno looked bad in the first match against the Wahine, but it showed significant improvement in its subsequent matches, particularly in its rematch with the Wahine. WAC teams are relatively weak but they proved that they are not automatic doormats when actually playing the matches. They provided the Wahine with some needed tough competition in some of the games.

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