Top 25 scores 11-20, congrats to SDSU’s Collins

November 20th, 2012

USC def. Oregon State 3-0

No. 6 Oregon def. UCLA 3-0

BYU def. Utah Valley 3-0

San Diego State, coached by Deitre Collins-Parker, sweeps Nevada 3-0 to win a share of the MWC title. (updated)

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  • warriorfan

    Congrats Dietre and Waber.
    Also the Aztecs surge has helped the wahine rpi nicely.

  • warriorfan

    Is it true there is a recruit from Oregon on a visit right now?

  • warriorfan

    thanks for confirming, hope she verbals.

  • vballfreak808

    I saw that she has Natasha Horsch a 5’3 libero is here as well. Not sure if she is visiting the school but I heard she was in Hawaii with Taylor. May just be vacation.

  • dedicatedfan

    Cindy, have the coaches been working with Jane Croson? Ever since she has come back from suspension she has been in a little bit of a hitting funk. She need to break out of this offensive funk she is in. The Wahine need her to be hitting at least .250, instead of below .200.

    Also, congrats to Deitre Collins-Parker, and the SDSU team. Keep it up, the BWC needs another strong team in the conference.

    • Cindy Luis

      Don’t think it’s a funk as much as it is getting back into the offense. Haven’t seen any ‘special’ work. just the usual reps.

      • Cindy Luis

        As for the BWC and SDSU … We’ll have to see how football shakes out. IF the rumor that SDSU wants to come back to the MWC instead of going to the Big East (IMHO Boise State is delusional) then the Aztecs may want to bring their women’s programs back to the MWC.
        You could see a domino effect where BYU will want to come back and move their teams from the WCC.
        A lot of scenarios for the next few years. Not that I’ve heard much on this discussion but … would the Mountain West still allow UH to be a football-only member should SDSU and BYU return and bring their women’s progams back? It would basically be the old WAC.

        • dedicatedfan

          Yep, I agree, BSU is delusional. After a few extraordinary years, they have finally come down to earth, and going to a Big East conference that is getting weaker with each passing minute. In my opinion, when everything shakes out, you will see 3 power conferences, the Big Ten, SEC, and Pac-12. Maybe 4, if you include the Big 8. With those 3 or 4 power conferences picking teams in the remaining conferences. Then having those remaining conferences go by the waste side. Hawaii needs to position itself so it is attractive enough to enter the Pac-12, otherwise they will go by the waste side to.

  • Grammy

    Great news for Deitre and Aztecs including Michelle! D has played and now coaches high level volleyball. Good for her success as a coach and as a former Wahine star and one of Coach Dave’s dominant players. Another example of the talent that has gone through the Wahine program year after year. Go Aztecs and Deitre. And as always, Go Wahine!

  • Orbitalripz

    Yes, SDSU won the MWC title. But it would be more accurate to say SDSU won at least a share of the MWC title. Here are the facts:

    “SDSU’s 2012 Mountain West title could be shared with Colorado State as the Rams (12-3 Mountain West) host New Mexico in Fort Collins Friday night.

    A Rams’ victory would give CSU the league’s automatic berth to the NCAA Tournament as they hold the tiebreaker against SDSU.”

    As for UCLA, it ends its regular-conf season with the traditional UCLA vs USC matchup (at Pauley) this Friday. Should UCLA lose, it would have lost 3 consecutive matches.

    As some of you remember, last year I called all 16 subregional hosts (and thus called all 16 seeds) before Selection Sunday. I doubt if I will be able to duplicate that lucky fete this year. I am having fits on whether to include Dayton of the A-10 as a subregional. And don’t even ask me what I will do should the showdown between ACC showdown produce an upset.

    • Cindy Luis

      Thank you. yes, they clinched a share of the title.
      If CSU wins over New Mexico the Rams get the auto berth. either way, the MWC will get two teams in.

  • KiMo

    I have a question for Cindy. Totally unrelated to the topic but I was wondering if the 1,100 wins Dave acquired over the past 38 years includes his record as the Men’s coach?

  • Orbitalripz

    Aside: Obviously what matters is the UH’s match. But tonight there’s another matchup that affects us. IDAHO reached its first-ever WAC Championship match, and its Idaho vs. NMSU in a winner-take-all battle for the berth into the NCAA. And since UH played Idaho in the pre-conference season, a win will help Hawai’i's RPI. Gooooo Vandals.

    For the Thanksgiving weekend, I wish a TURDUCKEN for the Rainbow Wahine: a win over CSFU stuffed into a win over Riverside, with both stuffed into the award of being named 1 of the 16 subregionals.
    Gooooo Bows!

  • dedicatedfan

    Cindy, I put this in one of your earlier blogs, might have got lost.

    Breakdown of the 3 players, Goodman, Kastl, and Olevao, on the RS. Offensively, Goodman keeps the ball in play, most often then not, but has a difficult time getting kills, is an adequate blocker. Kastl looks very uncomfortable offensively there, is an adequate blocker. Olevao, has that freshman inconsistency, but offensively, can put down kills, seems the most comfortable there. She is also, physically able to get in on some blocks there. My choice is Olevao, if she can just get over that freshman inconsistency. Just do not know what you will get from her nite to nite, because of that. If Olevao can just get over that freshman inconsistency, she can at least put up numbers that Chanteal Satele did last year.

    Cindy, do you agree with this assessment of the 3 RS players?

  • Access Denied

    That recruit who is visiting here tweets that we have a lot of weird people here.

    • Kazu

      I guess that means that she will not be coming back anytime soon.The weird people she’s talking about may become her best friends if she ever decide to come to UH.

    • frummmp

      actually she said “So many weird people in downtwon waikiki…”

      • dedicatedfan

        There is no such thing as “downtown Waikiki”. Hope she did not mean “downtown Honolulu”, Hotel St.. Then yeah, there are alot of weird people there. Basically, the only people in Waikiki, are tourist, probably even some from her neck of the woods.

  • Access Denied

    Official Attendance at today’s WAC Championship match..265

  • Jesse

    Jeez stop trolling a 16 yr olds twitter.

  • Access Denied

    Everything is weird to kids her age.

    • doiiii

      then really what’s the point of bringing up what she said, since according to you, its normal for kids her age.

      • dom

        that girl is right. we got some creeps here. Creeping on her twitter and what not.
        why in the world are you doing that?
        it doesn’t make hawaii look good,

        • Jesse

          Have a feeling it’s that “vinny” person again you all know who that is.

          When he trolls Kastl’s a college junior’s twitter and posts her comments on this blog it’s creepy when he does it to a high school junior it’s just sickening.

          • Access Denied

            LOL,You guys remind me of the politicians who preach to others about things that they do themselves.The ones who get caught having affairs with hookers or who are pedophiles.

          • mountain out of a mole hill.

            sickening? really? A social network made public for all to see. Do you not get the point of twitter? take it down a notch.

    • dedicatedfan

      She must be referring to all retiree tourist type roaming Waikiki. LOL

  • dedicatedfan

    Ah, what she needs to remember, she is here to study and play volleyball, not spend her time in Waikiki.

  • dedicatedfan

    Cindy, have you found out how the girls will be spending Thanksgiving Day, will it be at the Shoji’s?

  • Warrior Dave

    Pretty dominating performance by Wahine in set 2. Guess they got mad after game 1.

    Tai is a non-factor in both games. 0 kills after playing most of games 1 & 2. Kastl should start game 3 IMHO.

    • Cindy Luis

      Think they settled down, adjusted the block, Fullerton didn’t dig Hawaii’s shots like they did in Set 1.
      Lot of factors. UH was very tight in Set 1. they have loosened up.
      Agree. Olevao was a non-factor but not a lot of great sets. You might see Kastl in Set 3

  • Warrior Dave

    Never noticed Longo’s serve to dive so much. Love it!!

  • Warrior Dave

    The referee on the stand is terrible.

  • Warrior Dave

    Made has gotten so much better as the season went on.

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