Top 25 scores & big west 11-9/11-10

November 10th, 2012

2. Penn State def.  Northwestern, 3-0

3. Texas def.. 23 Kansas 3-2

4. Oregon def. Arizona State; def.. Arizona3-0

6. UCLA def. Utah, 3-2

8. USC def. Utah 3-1; def.. Colorado, 3-0

9. Nebraska def. Indiana 3-1; def. 21 Purdue, 3-2

10. Minnesota lost to Michigan 3-0

12. Dayton def. Xavier 3-1

14. BYU def. Santa Clara 3-0

15. Ohio State def. Illinois, 3-2

17 Kansas State def. TCU, 3-0

18. Western Kentucky def. Middle Tennessee 3-0

19. San Diego def. Gonzaga 3-0

20. Iowa State def.. Oklahoma, 3-0

22. North Carolina def. Clemson 3-1

24. Pepperdine LOST to. San Francisco, 1-3

25. Creighton def. Indiana State 3-0; def. Illinois State 3-1.


Pacific def. UCSB 3-2

UC Davis def. Cal Poly 3-0

Long Beach State def  UC Riverside 3-0

CSU Fullerton def. UCI Irvine 3-1

Pacific def. Cal Poly, 3-2

UC Davis def.. UC Santa Barbara 3-0

Loyola Marymount def. CSUN 3-2

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  • Warrior15

    in back to back weekends now, the michigan schools both take down a top 10 opponent — first nebraska (who was missing an injured werth last week) … and now minnesota this weekend.

  • dedicatedfan

    San Francisco beating Pepperdine, should help Hawaii’s RPI a little.

    • Cindy Luis

      it could.

    • Warrior-15

      USF’s win against Pepperdine helps, but they also lost this past week to Santa Clara. so USF’s 1-1 record is basically a wash …

      what will help Hawaii’s RPI is that UCLA, Stanford, St. Mary’s, San Diego St, Idaho, and Albany won all their matches this past week.

      Albany still has a losing overall record though, b/c they had such a grueling nonconference schedule. They did win their conference regular season title though, and are the #1 seed headed into their conference tournament.

      Cal and Baylor each went 1-1 this past week. Call still battling to stay above .500. Baylor had a great nonconference win/loss record, but have struggled in conference.

      i’m not sure how — if at all — Hawaii’s win against a Division 2 team, BYUH, will factor into their RPI.

  • OrbitalripZ

    Oct 26 homepage : “Hawaii ran its Big West Conference win streak to 65 consecutive matches with its 5-set win against Pacific.” [Add 4 more wins; next match against Pacific.]

    Nov. 9 homepage: “USC head coach Mick Haley is just 5 victories away from becoming USC’s all-time winningest coach. The Trojans have 6 regular season matches left, starting with an away game at Colorado on Saturday. The milestone could come as early as Nov. 23 when USC wraps up regular season play at UCLA, otherwise Haley and his squad will have to get a few wins in the NCAA tournament, should they make the field.” Actually, Trojans have 5 regular-season matches left, starting with Colorado, which Team Haley won.

    And for those of you who say vball isn’t a contact sport, check out this short vid:

    • warriorfan

      Looks like she is 21?? if so she is a 6′ 3 sophomore, Shoji should offer her a scholarship she has a hammer of an arm.

      • dominq

        omg, on the left side, that little boy at :11 got tripped from the ball that hit off the girls face. 2 people got hurt..
        that girl who hit the ball is dangerous

      • frummmp

        Mikaela Foecke. Dave needs to get on it :) shes got a good jump, got the height, and a hammer of an arm. plays middle/RS. Im sure the Big 10 schools are on her.

        • Yes You Can

          You are allowed to e-mail coaches any info you have on a potential recruit.You just cannot have any contact with the player,parents or her high school coach.

          Believe it or not coaches can’t know about everyone who is out there.

  • Kazu

    That guy on the right in the video is a jerk. He made it sound like its not a big deal that the girl got hit in the face.

  • cruisecontrol

    Just one little correction, Cindy. You have CSUN over LMU 3-2, but it was the other way around. LMU won it 3-2. Northridge was leading 14-12 in game 5, but gave up 4 points in a row. Reminded me a little of their match against UH.

  • Yes You Can

    Hawa’ii dummies on volleytalk

    Dummy of the day is haw2991.

  • Access Denied

    LOL ,yes they do have some humdingers on VT representing Hawaii.

  • vballfreak808

    Hawaii let another one get away. Emilie Wilmes chose Long Beach State.

  • Maverick

    Hawaii doesn’t move in the latest poll

  • Jesse

    Wilmes?? Did uh honestly need another outside? Much less a project?? Plus she was a romney lover according to her twitter blah!!

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