traveling, blog still open for posts

May 5th, 2010

aloha bloggers, i’ll be traveling for the next few weeks and won’t have a lot of internet access.

please continue to post your thoughts on volleyball, UH, women, men, national team, etc.

You now can post without it being approved. YAY. just remember the rules. no profanity or cheap shots.
aloha for now. Cindy

don’t forget that the ncaa matches on gametracker through they also have tv on the net for a price. ncaa final on espnu.
and uh men’s volleyball banquet this coming thursday. check the earlier post for details.

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  • sasa

    Happy Travels Cindy!

    Do you, or anyone know what the deal is with Ferrell? Will she not be competing at all this upcoming season?

    What are your thoughts on who would take the two vacant outside spots?

  • Warriorfan

    I am also curious about Stephanie. I hope for the best for her, she is one of my favorites and hope she ends up somewhere where she is happy.

    I think Waber is the recruit to look out for.

  • Warriorfan

    Good news for the men’s team. All three recruits signed are named to the Fab 50.

  • hi_life808

    one of the vacant outside spots has already been filled by satele, the other may presumably be filled by either waber or goodman.

    goodman coming off of an injury she suffered during her junior season but has been reported to touch over 10 feet.

    the person you should look out for this year is emily hartong. very reminiscent of amber kaufman. athletic fast and can hit a pretty hard ball.

  • Warriorfan

    Congratulations to Kawika Shoji on being the AVCA player of the year this season.

  • VBall Fan

    Men’s Vball Banquet is on Sunday, not Thursday. Hope there is a good turnout in support of a GREAT season

  • setaone

    “don’t forget that the ncaa matches on gametracker through they also have tv on the net for a price. ncaa final on espnu.”

    its free on ESPN2

  • Fred

    Pleasant surprise that Pav’s (Penn State) team beat Northridge. It makes the Final match on Saturday a bit more interesting for me. I’m wishing the best for the Hawaii boys, all nice kids. But, I’m hoping Pav has something up his sleeve and can pull an upset.

  • Warriorfan

    Stanford has too much talent, and t hey want it too much. I think if both teams play their A game, Stanford will sweep.

  • jeff

    Looks like a Shoji will win a national title too bad it’s not the coach But two have so many hawaii players on the stanford hawaiians i guess is cool

  • Warriorfan

    Yeah the better team won. Congratulations to the Shoji’s and Brad lawson.
    I am already looking forward to next season. UH might be a top 3 team next season, should be exciting. Hope the crowds continue to grow and grow because the UH men are BACK.

  • Lea Anne Ng

    Great volleyball game between Stanford and Penn State. The Hawaii contingent, comprised of Brad Lawson and the Shoji brothers were awesome!! Got some great pictures, especially of Kawika and the team. HI Star-Bulletin – let me know if you’d like to have them.

  • Ellenk

    Of all the teams that Stanford faced in the playoffs, MPSF & NCAA, Hawaii was served up the toughest competition. Too bad Hawaii didn’t sweep Santa Barbara to get a better seed in the MPSF playoffs & had to meet Stanford in the first match. Hope Hawaii can reload the middle for next year.

    • Warriorfan

      Exactly that loss to UCSB proved to be very costly. I hope the warriors fix those first night struggles in away matches next season.

  • wvbfan

    Cindy…surprise. Who are these recruits for this coming season’s team for the Wahine Volleyball: Crosan, Waber, Hartong. can you enlighten us with stats… how tall are they, are they walkons, how good are they?

  • andy

    thank goodness Dave did not go and help coach his sons’ team, Stanford. i would not have been ok with that. while i’m happy that the local kids won a NC, i’m not happy that they play for the Cardinal and not UH.

    • VoleiBoy5

      Mixed emotions. Happy that they are from Hawaii but sad because when comes to playing in the Olympics or professionally they will always be branded as “Stanford” Players. More “pipelines” created (Players and Coaches), Charlie Wade’s chances of getting local talents will be more difficult now.

  • hi_life808

    everyone is going to enjoy watching these group of girls.
    probably one of the best recruiting classes we’ve had in quite some time.
    a lot of under the radar players who currently are outperforming a lot of girls ranked higher in the prepvolleyball ranks.

    i’d look out for hartong.
    she’s a beast in the middle and is eerie similar to amber kaufman.

  • Warriorfan

    SO what’s the deal with Stephanie Ferrell, rumour is going around that she is staying afterall. Which if true YAY!!!

  • hi_life808

    sorry… only a rumour.

  • jeff

    Do you think Obama will invite Stanford to the White House ? After all he can greet his former high school basketball coach what a small world

  • hi_life808

    hartong will be a bigger force in the front row… mark my words!!

    maybe not during her freshman tenure but guarantee by her sophmore season she’ll be an all-american.

  • Haushinka

    is emily that good? if so, that’s exciting to hear.

  • Hollywood

    Danielson, Hewitt, Ka’aihue and Mafua will most likely return to their starting spots. Forsythe could start at the other middle position, at least early in the season. Satele also a likely starting candidate for OH or Opposite. I really hope one of the incoming freshman would be good enough to start because Cascioppo is not starting material, IMO. Defensive specialists Maeda, Griffiths and Kam all likely to see playing time in varying amounts.

  • hi_life808

    hartong is much more atheletic than forsythe.

    the wildcard will be tuaniga.

  • Haushinka

    Anyone know if Josh Taylor is considering playing the UH in 2011? saw the game last night.. damn, he can pound a ball.

  • hi_life808

    charlie wade was in attendance along with a couple of div 2 coaches.

  • Warriorfan

    Rumors are Josh Taylor is loving pepperdine right now.

    I hope that changes it would be nice to get both him and his sister to play for UH. Both are huge talents.

    Also that Pahoa player would be exciting. He needs alot of work but he is just exciting to watch.

  • Terence

    Aloha Cindy! Safe travels…. and does anyone know what the girls yell at home plate after they hit a homer???? Peaceout

  • wtdoor

    goodman has a vert of 10 ft., how about the other recuits? is that not standard at top flight programs today?

  • hi_life808

    it’s not standard for most div 1 programs but a high vert is apparent is most elite athletes.

    hooker 10’6-10’8
    danielson 10’6
    hodge 10’6

    cubi-otineru only had a vert of approx 9’9-9’10

    goodman can touch 10’2 and ginger long can touch about the same.

  • wtdoor

    when do we a peek at the new recuits this summer? looks like a nice influx of talent.

  • Warriorfan

    Congrats to future wahine Jane Croson who made the junior national team.

  • hi_life808

    where art thou cindy?

  • wtdoor

    PV has hawaii ranked 10th. in recruiting for 2010. Considering they were not in the top 50 last year, can we be optimistic about this incomming class of freshmen?

  • hi_life808


  • Cindy Luis

    I am back in Kailua … actually in the office as we speak.

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