Wahine still at No. 9 10-22

October 22nd, 2012

Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts regarding my mom and family, and the comments from the matches from last week.

Mom is getting better and we’ll be traveling to outside of Seattle Tuesday where she’ll be staying with my brother, sister-in-law, nephew and niece. I will be back Wednesday night.

anyway, a brief check in. and mahalo again.  As for the poll

No movement at all in the Top 12 today. RPI will be out in a few hours. will update

Penn state (54 votes), Stanford 4, Oregon with 2. Then Nebraska, Washington, UCLA, UCLA, Texas, Minnesota, Florida, Florida State.

Louisville moves up to 13, USD’s loss drops them to 14. Dayton up to 15


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  • Warrior-15

    welcome back Cindy .. hope all is well with your mom.

    Hawaii also up to 18 in RKPI (the estimator/simulation for the “RPI”). playing Pacific, who had a decent 16-5 win/loss record helped a lot. although Hawaii’s effort doesn’t seem to merit a rise in the ratings. But that’s how RPI works. It only care who you play, and not how you play.

  • It gets Yukon cold in Port Angeles

    Winter’s on its way to the Olympic Penn./PNW.
    Hope that mom has lots of warm close coming from San Diego.
    …Will pray!

  • Jesse

    Starting to believe a shot at hosting subregional is possible, wahine just need to finish out undefeated in big west. Hope the byuh match doesnt hurt the rpi too much.

  • Beauston

    I really hope goign forward after Croson comes back to play that he stick with a set line up. This is a major reason for their inconsistency. It would also help Uiato run the offense more effectively with same hitters. Shoji needs to have this line up set for the upcoming tourney.

    • rnr

      Couldn’t agree with you more~

    • warriorfan

      Whoops thought u meant Shoji stick with the current lineup….

    • For the past years Dave has always pretty much used a set line up. Last year he experimented a lot early on and I thought they played well in the playoffs. This year he has experimented an awful lot, not always by choice but often out of neccessity and I am hoping the Wahine peak at just the right time to play well in the playoffs. With JC back and a tested bench I am hoping for a spectacular playoff run.

  • warriorfan

    Couldn’t disagree even more, stick Croson in right away, They will need her in the post season when they face USC ( u know the NCAA will put them in UH’s way again)

    • Beauston

      Yes,without Croson, I dont think we’ll go past 1st round. Sorry, but Hartong is no Danielson. She is amazing but I dont think she will be able to carry the team in a high level tourney as well as Croson and Hartong combo.
      USC IMHO, have not been impressive at all this year, yes they’ve still have Hagglund, Fuller, and Olgard, but Bricio to me is a true freshman and have a lot more to learn. So I’m not sure thy be much of a challenge as they were last year.
      This Wahine line up changes is driving even Uiato crazy as she mentioned on one of the pre-game package. She needs to hone her skillls in learning her hitters’ tendencies so they can be more offensive even with a bad pass and not be so LS centric.

      • Beauston

        So having a set line up will enable Uiato to do that

      • dedicatedfan

        I agree with you Beauston, but for some reason, I see Shoji moving Hartong to the RS, once Croson returns to the lineup. I say this for 2 reason. One, Shoji likes using Goodman as his blocking sub for Uiato. The other, Croson can cover and pass better then Hartong can in the backrow.

        If Shoji keeps Hartong on the LS, who will he use on the RS? Will it be Kastl, who has shown that she is ineffective on the RS, or will it be Olevao, who has shown she still needs playing time.

        • rnr

          Everything seemed to be gelling when Hartong was on the right – they even implemented hitting out of the back right… SOLID! with Croson on the left w/ Either Kastle or Tai (developing) it may be even a more prolific line-up. Hoped JC has a lot of energy to burn – she should ! :)

          • Beauston

            agreed, that’s the best line up IMHO Ive seen them play, and hopefully the line up they settle going forward.

  • pohakupu

    The many changes to the lineup during the game is a good thing. It confuses the opposition, builds depth, and increases team spirit, Did you see the enthusiasm that Ginger Long displayed at the end of the game. She felt that she was an important contributer to the victory. Mita Uiato’s problem is not the tendencies of the various players that are coming and going. Her problem is the passing. She often had to run from one end of the court to the other to set errant passes.

  • tenzil

    Agree. Having players who can contribute off the bench or whenever the starters are cold will help out in the long run.

  • OrbitalripZ

    This is silly speculation but I own it.

    Based on the RPI released today by the NCAA, there are four Pac-12 teams which appear to be probable hosts of 1 of the 16 subregionals throughout the nation — Stanford, Oregon, UCLA, and Washington.

    That being said, there are several teams in the West which appear to be strong “bubble” teams — USC[Pac-12], BYU [WCC], San Diego [WCC], and Hawai’i [BWC].

    Of these “bubble” teams, I think it’s highly unlikely that more than 1 of these will win a subregional bid and thus play at home in Rounds 1-2.

    In terms of the RPI, last week was a great week for the UH. (All rankings that follow refer to the current RPI, not to the Top 25 Coaches Poll.)

    USC [19-3] is at #14.

    BYU [20-2] fell 4 positions from #11 to #15 — beat St. Mary’s but lost to Santa Clara [#43].

    Hawai’i [17-2] jumped 4 spots from #22 to #18 — largely thanks to important league wins by pre-conference season opponents Stanford [#1] and St. Mary’s.

    San Diego [17-3] improved 2 ranks from #21 to #19 — triumphed over San Fran [#55]. but lost to St. Mary’s [#31]. (Yes, you can lose a match to a lower ranked opponent and move up in the RPIs. Lol.)

    For the rest of October, the RPI could be affected when USC hosts Washington on Oct 26 and when BYU and San Diego lock horns at Provo on Oct 31.

    Obviously, the destiny of the Rainbow Wahine is in no one’s hands but its own. But for the first time since the release of the first weekly RPI on Oct 1, Hawai’i is in a good position to make a case for hosting.

    Gooooo Bows!

    • Reign

      But remember, Hawai’i has a weak schedule remaining, so they won’t move any farther up the RPI.

      Combined record of remaining opponents, excluding BYU-Hawai’i: 77-99.

    • Warrior-15

      Hawaii’s RPI certainly depends a lot on the teams from the nonconference portion of the schedule. But it also certainly helped that Hawai played Pacific — a Big West team with some actual life in its win/loss record, at 16-6. Almost every Big West team Hawaii has faced up until now has been at about .500 or worse.

      • OrbitalripZ

        Big West Conference site:

        “Pacific leads the league for the most 3-0 victories with nine, which includes five sweeps in its first seven wins of the year.”

        When was the last time Hawai’i did not lead its conference in most sweeps of any team in that conference?

  • belle

    someone said jane was out and never coming back

  • sharene

    Belle, all rumor. We will learn tje truth when everyone else does

  • Grammy

    I think this is the way things are for Wahine. RPI position is heavily weighted by early matches ie. wins against good teams early tend to keep giving returns while conference wins against middle of the road teams have little to no effect on RPI. Hawaii, the only revenue producing program can afford to stay at home and still make money, but non-revenue highly ranked opponents are better off staying at home and reaping the meager gates and building their fan base for the upcoming season. So, maybe two or three teams will travel to Hawaii in preseason but better teams won’t (except UCLA which has a tradition of coming set by Andy B. and hopefully continued). So Hawaii is left to ‘win-out’ always which plays into Coach Dave’s way of approaching the season anyway. Twists, turns and drama along the way don’t change the inertia of the RPI and NCAA selection committee. All the words spent on ‘your’ or ‘my’ ideas are just howling at the moon. Good to get it off your chest, but that’s all. Wahine will get to tournament, will win their share of games and will get to their ‘real’ ranking. ‘Chasing Championships’ sounds good but isn’t that what all teams compete for? And I don’t mean to ‘dis the football team, I just like the Wahine better. Go Wahine! Miss you, Jane, your skyhigh serves, hard spikes and your winning smile.

  • Diogenes Sinope

    So glad to hear that your Mother is feeling better.

    Seattle is quite a change from San Diego but the “Emerald City” has been one of my favorite cities – even with the rain!

    Hope Jane gets reactivated soon! Saw her in the middle of the team during the introductions last week!

  • hawaiiblake

    Glad to hear that your mom is feeling better…all my prayers out to you both and the rest of the family…Hoping we will know when Jane is practicing with the team again and traveling this week…I coach one of the girls team on the Big Island and they want to go watch UH play next week so hoping Jane is back!!!

  • Ron

    She will be traveling with the team to California.

  • hawaiiblake

    Glad Jane is back…Can’t wait to see her on the court again

  • haleiwacrossfitter

    I hope Jane is back, but won’t believe until there is an announcement or she is on the court. However, if she is traveling with the team, I can’t imagine she is going as a bench warmer. Dave is going to take the players he needs to win games, if Jane is still suspended, she won’t be traveling with the team.

    I do hope they make an announcement if her suspension is over though. They know everyone is hoping and wondering about it. That just wouldn’t be a “cool” thing to do to have us find out only when she gets on the court to play.

  • vballfreak808

    I think this sucks for Kastl. She has been doing a lot better so to see her possibly only playing right side could bring her back to the way she played before

    • haleiwacrossfitter

      I actually think Jane coming back hurts Tai. The way Ashley has been playing lately, I could see Dave keeping her on the left and moving Emily on the right and using Tai and Kaela as role players. We shall see…who knows what is going on in Dave’s mind.

      • dedicatedfan

        I kinda agree with you, it will hurt Olevao’s playing time. But it will give Dave Shoji more objections, in case, Kastl has trouble on the LS, he could move Hartong back to the LS, and bring in Olevao to play the RS. I am thinking, he may want to use Goodman as his blocking sub for Uiato, like he has been doing.

  • rnr

    Hope they do an “official” announcement – yes that would be nice… gosh it’s been forever for JC’s suspension – i really do hope she is back now and have her and Kastle playing on the left whilst Hartong on the right.

    go BOWS!! see you on FOX sports!

  • OrbitalripZ

    “Friday’s match between league-leading University of Hawai’i and defending Big West Champion Long Beach State at The Walter Pyramid airs on FOX Prime Ticket LIVE” (5pm in Hawaii)

  • kitsunegari

    HNN reports as of one hour ago, Shoji said Croson is not travellingwith them, but practiced this week.

    • haleiwacrossfitter

      That makes no sense. Where is your link?

      If she is practicing she is not suspended anymore. Because when she was suspended, that included practices. I guarantee, IF she is practicing, she is traveling and then playing because she wouldn’t be suspended anymore.

  • Ron

    Agree with crossfitter’s assessment, that is after Jane gets back up to speed. Now who should be the middles? I feel sorry for Stauber, “one mistake does not a season make.” I have made that same miss-hit many times but never in front 6000 people.

    • dedicatedfan

      Hey, cannot fault Stauber, the ball could have been wet. Even Uiato has made that mistake before, and so has quite a few excellent setters, if the ball is wet.

  • hawaiiblake

    This is what the tweet said from Hawaii News Now(Mike Cherry)

    Jane Croson practiced w/Rainbow Wahine this morning, Shoji says shes working her way back but not traveling w/team this week. Croson had been held out of practice scrimmages until this week.

  • rnr

    dang… that blows!

  • wop ur jaws

    if its true I think its a bad mistake for UH

  • Results of these two roadies is on Shoji, not Jane. IMO.

  • All these speculations. I hope Jane gets to go, we will see who’s on the redeye (I assume) tonight.

  • HaHa

    So where are all of the anonymous posters who have been claiming here and on VT that she would be back this week ?

    For all anyone knows she might not be back for the rest of the year.

    But it still has me wondering what it was that she did and while we all know that Dave can’t tells us but she can I think she owes the fans an explanation.

    • Beauston

      She doesnt owe anyone any explanation besides her team, the coaches and her parents. Even they are not saying anything, so obviously its not for creepers consumption. If anyone out here is a true Wahine fan, we will just respect her decision.

      I did say earlier that she is back on the team based on whats out there on the social media, but refused to believe it until official announcement have been made. There seems to be more on this issue and obviously remained between Shoji and Croson. At this point we should just give it a rest and wait fir her official comeback whenever that would be.

  • duhh

    Can someone please tell Ann that Tai’s last name is Manu-Olevao not Olevau….

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