wahine still surviving in Big West, catching up on UCI match

October 28th, 2012

Hope all of you had a relatively calm night. It was interesting. I was without internet until 7 a.m. after getting back from my commitment … which got cut a little short by the sirens … internet down until I went to bed at midnight. I do apologize for not being able to get back on the ‘net. Time for some seriousl discussion with TWC. Ever since we dropped the home phone through them this had become nearly a daily occurrence.

Thank you all for staying with the blog … hope you were on higher ground when you were doing so. Appreciate everyone who updated for me.

The good news is Hawaii continues to find a way to win. They should based on their edge in talent but they are living on the edge and not sure if the magic will always be there.

25-21, 22-25, 19-25, 25-22, 15-10

If Hartong isn’t POW by the BWC something is really wrong.

another 79 swing night for her. 29 kills. only complaint you could have about her game is her 4 SEs. UH had 10 as a team. But she alsy had 2 aces so ….

Kastl inconsistent but 9-8-30. and another double-digit dig night with 12

Vorster finding a way 11-1-21. lone error when she when she over tipped the ball left, 3 BA

Olevao 8-4-26, still a young player but she’s going to be very good

Uiato … 54 assists 0-1-3 (Usually more effective on dumps, her one error she tflipped behind her shoulder into the net, 13 digs, 1 aces

Hartong 29-8-79 Another double-double with 16 digs. 2 BA

Adolopho 4-2-9, a number of net violations, something she did last year, 1 BS 4 BA

Tuangia very briefly in 0-0-1

Longo 1 ace, 2 SE, 13 digs

Stauber 5 assists, 8 digs

Hagins came in late in Set 3 played in 4 and 5, think her size did create some problems. forcing UCI to readjust. 2-0-3, 1 BA

Maeda 1 ace, 1 SE, 5 digs.

UH hit 255 for the night 5 aces, 10 SE, 81 digs, 9 blocks

UCI hit 234, 8 aces, 10 SEs, 80 digs, 11.5 blocks.

one think you’ll notice and think it speaks to UH’s conditioning.

they hit better in Sets 4 and 5 than the other 3 sets. 324 in Set 4, .323 in Set 5

the bottom line is they are 19-2, 12-0.

in 5 set matches, UH 4-1




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  • uhfan October 28, 2012 at 7:57 am

    Not only should Hartong be named Big West POW she should be named AVCA National POW

  • TW October 28, 2012 at 9:49 am

    Goodman played a major role again last night against Irvine. Hit .667 with 9 kills and 4 BA and was third highest scorer for the night.
    Despite Shoji’s comment about Goodman’s “inconsistency” she has the 2nd highest cumulative hitting percentage of the outsides: Hartong hitting .273, Goodman hitting .262, Croson hittting .213, Kastl hitting .197, Manu-Olevao hitting.157. The UCI press release recognized Goodman’s contribution much more than the Star-advertiser….what’s up.

  • dedicatedfan October 28, 2012 at 9:52 am

    Cindy, I know you do not want me on this blog, BUT I have a question for you. What do you think Dave will do when he finally activates Jane. Do you think he will move Hartong back over to the RS, with Jane and Kastl playing the LS.

    This is my opinion, and my opinion only. Dave should move Hartong to the RS, and have Jane and Kastl playing the LS. The reason being, Kastl has shown that she struggles playing the RS. Dave really does not want to start Goodman, on the RS, cause he want to use her as his blocking sub for Uiato. Dave could start Tai, on the RS, but she still needs experience, and for that reason, runs hot and cold. Dave can use Tai as Kastl’s backup, in case Kastl has difficulty on the LS.

    • Cindy Luis October 29, 2012 at 11:17 am

      Have I ever said I didn’t want you on the blog? The only people who have been blocked by our webmasters are the ones management agreed to.
      These are people who used foul language, were derogatory toward the players, other bloggers and myself. and those who have threatened my personal safety.

      • Cindy Luis October 29, 2012 at 11:21 am

        anyway, IMHO I’m not sure what Shoji will do. Other than he’s got to diversify the offense and not set Hartong so much. As he’ has said all along this season, he needs production from all pin hitters.
        I personally could see him moving Hartong back to middle for a set or two and see how it goes with Croson, Kastl and Manu-Olevao on the outside. That is … if he can’t get more out of Adolpho or Tuaniga or Hagins. Think Vorster is fine and just needs to work on her connection.
        Even if Hartong goes back to RS, she still hits left once each rotation.

  • Grammy October 28, 2012 at 11:07 am

    This is an option, but I don’t think you see that Cindy reports and does not ‘put words into the Coach’s mouth’ or speak for him. Your opinion is that, your opinion. I think there will be a creative and tentative solution in the first few games and maybe some movement and changes as to who sees court time and who starts. But I am confident that Jane and all the pieces will be fit into a solid team which will represent and play the game the right way. I have been pleasantly surprised with the transfers who have fit into the team and seem to have accepted their roles and all have made real contributions to the whole. This kind of depth will transfer into flexibility and options come tournament time. And to have them see ‘quality’, “battle tested” playing time and not just practice time also is good. I think Coach Dave is ‘careful’ to the point of seeming ‘old school’ but he has grown in his careful use and consideration of his team and its individuals while ‘doing his own thing’ which his stature and position as one of the top level coaches deserves. Go Wahine!

  • gobows October 28, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    from “Hartong lifts up Wahine” By Joseph D’Hippolito


    UH responded with contributions from unexpected sources. Former Punahou standout Tai Manu-Olevao made her first start and finished with eight kills. Stephanie Hagins added two kills and a block assist at critical junctures.

    “We got a big lift from those two,” said Shoji, who especially praised Manu-Olevao. “I thought she played wonderfully for being a true freshman and never having played the left side before.”

  • Hot October 28, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    Maeda with just 5 digs? Did the stat people screw her again or did she not play enough? Noticed Manu-Olevao had more digs.

    • Cindy Luis October 29, 2012 at 11:23 am

      Maeda is only in once during her serve rotation so I could see her with just 5 digs.

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