Wahine-UCR rewind

November 23rd, 2012

What a night. Agree one of the best senior nights ever. The dance by the whole team was very impressive.

A little sloppy at the end but there were lots of subs in.

Hartong 13-3-25, Croson 12-5-27. as mentioned before, she usually plays out of an early funk. finished 9-1-17 after Set 1.

Kastl 5-0-10 in 2 sets, Vorster 2-1-5 in 2, Adolpho 5-2-11 in 2, Tuaniga 3-0-4 in 1, Hagins 2-2-4 in 1, Manu Olevao 3-1-8 in 2. 7 blocks, Kastl 3 BA, Hartong 3 BA. 5 aces, 41 digs 9 by Croson, Hartong and Longo, 8 by Maeda. UH hit 31 for the match, 8 SE

UCR hit 128, 6 aces, 4 in Set 3, 8 SE, 32 digs, 5 blocks.

Think they just wanted to get this one over and get to senior night.

Wahine 18-0 for their fourth straight undefeated conference season.

It wasn’t an impressive win but hard to judge with it being UCR. not a very good team. Hawaii so used to have harder shots coming at them that some of the soft stuff drops.

Anyway, a very fun night for everyone here. A couple of recruits in house, think that was Agost, the 6-2/6-3 middle from Oregon on the bench. Didn’t catch who the other one was.

Next up Sunday selection show. 11 a.m HST on espnu. Wahine will be watching at the arena.

have a good weekend.

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  • warriorfan

    Senior night festivities were way more fun that the actual match.

    Here are my predictions, wahine will be 11 seed, and Arizona State, the Big sky Champion and San Diego will be sent here.

    hoping they get put in the Purdue or Texas regional instead of Cal ( where Stanford will surely be) or Nebraska ( since they have a huge home crowd advantage)

  • warriorfan

    Really hope Hawaii can land Agost, she looks like she has potential to be a starter in the future.

  • dedicatedfan

    Cindy, it was mentioned that the Wahine are undefeated in matches played Monday-Saturday. Their only 2 losses came on Sunday. I am hoping they play in the Cal. or Texas regional. The Wahine have a score to settle with Stanford, and the Texas Regional has always been good to the Wahine.

  • livealoha

    Any idea who the other two recruits were? Important 2014 class.

  • dedicatedfan

    Hope the other 2 recruits are as tall, or taller the Agost.

  • Orbitalripz


    So how did the UH’s non-conference opponents do in their respective conference? Here’s the wrap (RPI as of Nov 19):

    Albany (14-15) of the America East Conference [AEC] … RPI = 153 … Finished on top of the conference during regular-season play, but — playing for the NCAA berth — was swept by Binghampton (13-17) in the AEC Championship final (Nov. 17) … Great Danes will NOT likely receive an at-large

    Baylor (20-11) of the 9-team Big 12 … RPI = 51 … Finished 6th in the league (with 1 non-conference match to play Sat against SMU) …. Bears is a ‘bubble’ team and will not likely receive an at-large

    California (15-15) of the Pac-12 …. RPI = 39 … Tied with Arizona St (20-13) for 6th in league … Golden Bears can expect an at-large berth with its .500 overall record …. See my note at bottom of this list

    Idaho (17-14) of the Western Athletic Conference [WAC] … RPI = 126 … Idaho lost to NMSU in the WAC Championship tournament final and with that lost went the NCAA automatic berth … Vandals will NOT likely receive an at-large

    San Diego State (23-7) of the Mountain West Conference [MWC] … RPI = 40 … SDSU shares the MWC crown with Colorado State (21-7), but the league tie-breaker gives the Rams the automatic berth … Aztecs can expect an at-large

    San Francisco (16-13) of the 9-team West Coast Conference [WCC] … RPI = 59 … Finished 7th in a strong league (6 WCC teams are ranked in top 50 in RPI) … Dons will NOT likely receive an at-large

    St. Mary’s (17-10) of the West Coast Conference [WCC] … RPI = 31 … Ended 3rd in a strong conference, behind tied-for-1st BYU (automatic) and San Diego (at-large) … Gaels is another ‘bubble’ team but can expect an at-large in spite of only a 17-win season

    Stanford (27-3) of the Pac-12 … RPI = 1 … Winner of league title outright … Automatic berth and should be Seed 1 (only 16 teams are seeded in the NCAA tournament)

    UCLA (22-7) of the Pac-12 … RPI = 8 … Tied (with Washington) for 4th in conference … Will receive an at-large

    RPI = as of Nov. 19
    Re: California … On June 25, 2010 (2 years ago), the NCAA announced that California would be one of the 4 regional hosts for 2012. This is the first time the Golden Bears had been chosen as an NCAA regional championship host. Among the reasons given for the choice, the NCAA announced that Cal is just one of 4 teams (three-time defending champion Penn State, Texas and Nebraska are the others) to have advanced as far as the NCAA regional championship match in each of the last three seasons (2007 ~ 2009) and has been to a school-record eight consecutive NCAA tournaments under head coach Rich Feller.

    In selecting the regional hosts, the NCAA committee looks at which teams in 2 or 3 years has the potential to advance to a regional championship match, as local media coverage will more than likely evaporate if the local host team fails to materialize in the regional.

    In short, which team will have the All-American(s) to take that team to the regionals is not easy to predict, but finding the strongest candidate is the committee’s job! Thus, if you have a sophomore who’s a first-team All-American, the committee must come to a decision on whether it thinks that All-American will be able to take her team deep into the tournament.

    California — with the minimum .500 overall record — will receive an at-large berth. It will not host a subregional, but is 1 of the 4 predetermined regional hosts. In general, the current NCAA committee will serve up the 4 regional hosts with as easy a path to the regional as financially possible. But with both California and Purdue not likely to be awarded with a subregional, either or both could be a Round 1-2 embarrassment of bitches for the NCAA. The NCAA — and all committee members represent the NCAA, no matter that they had nothing to do with selecting the predetermined regional hosts — does not like to lose face.

    • dedicatedfan

      So what is your conclusion, will the Wahine receive a Top 16 seed.

      • Lanaiboy

        I don’t see why not if its RPI is 16 or higher. The NCAA selection committee this year, a change, can take into consideration PABLO AVCA rankings; if it does, Hawaii will easily make the top 16 and hosting duties.

        • Warrior15

          someone on VTalk posted an RPI list that’s updated as of today, and Hawaii’s RPI is holding steady at 16.

          here’s hoping it continues to hold! :)

          and i agree — an RPI at or around 16, plus the committee’s consideration of the AVCA poll should clinch a seed for Hawaii.

    • Orbitalripz

      PeRfEcT! I called it right for all 9 non-conference opponents that the UH faced this season. 5 made it to the Big Dance, 4 did not.

      1. Albany = NO at large
      2. Baylor = NO at large
      3. California = YES at large
      4. Idaho = NO at large
      5. SDSU = YES at large
      6. San Francisco = NO at large
      7. St. Mary’s = YES at large
      8. Stanford = automatic
      9. UCLA = YES at large

  • I Don't Have All Day

    Like Dancing with the Stars I’m waiting for the video to see who I should vote off.Who can’t dance and who deserves to go home ?

  • I Don't Have All Day

    I wasn’t there so I didn’t see these recruits so in an attempt to ID them did one of them look like the girl on the far right in this photo,5’11 to 6’0


  • sasa

    all three recruits looked about 6’2 or maybe taller.

  • uhfan

    I thought one of them looked like Hannah Rooks

  • uhfan, Rooks committed to Georgia. The sand team is updated to 19 players, from the indoor team are Olevao, Vorster, Spieler, Mendoza, Longo, Long, Kastl and Croson.
    dedicatedfan, Nikki last night was the curly redhead with the knitted cap, sitting with Rooks and Agost.

  • I Don't Have All Day

    It was the A5 Mizuno club in Atlanta that said she committed to Georgia and it was also on RichKern .com but has since been removed. Could be she de-committed if there is such a word.

  • Orbitalripz

    THE 16 HOSTS OF ROUNDS 1-2 (By Conferences)

    Note 1: As some of you will remember, I got lucky and called all 16 subregional hosts correctly last year. I will be happy if I nailed 14 of the 16 seeds this year. Note 2: Numbers before a team is its overall won-loss record; numbers after a team is its NCAA RPI ranking (as of Nov 19) followed by its AVCA Top 25 ranking (as of Nov 19). Note 3: NR = not ranked.

    2011 = 3 Pac-12 teams were seeded & awarded subregionals
    2012 = 5 Pac-12 teams will be seeded & awarded subregionals = 27-3 Stanford [1, 2], 22-7 UCLA [8, 7], 27-5 USC [10, 4], 25-4 Oregon [11, 6], 23-6 Wash. [12, 5]

    2011 = 5
    2012 = 3 = 28-2 Penn State [2,1], 22-6 Nebraska [5, 10], 23-7 Minn. [7, 11]

    BIG 12
    2011 = 2
    2012 = 2 = 24-3 Texas [3,3], 25-6 Kansas [6, 20]

    2011 = 2
    2012 = 2 = 25-4 Florida [14, 15], 22-7 Tennessee [15, NR]

    2011 = 1
    2012 = 1 = 27-3 Florida State [9, 12]

    2011 = 0
    2012 = 1 = 29-3 Louisville [4, 9]

    2011 = 0
    2012 = 1 = 26-2 Hawai’i [16, 8]

    2011 = 1
    2012 = 1? = 26-3 BYU [13,16] … BYU lost its last conference match of the season to SDSU to tie SDSU for the league championship, but the Cougars got the automatic berth due to league tiebreaker rules … Beat Utah Valley (RPI 140) in the last match of its season.

    2011 = 0
    2012 = 1? = 26-4 Dayton [22, 13] … Dayton won the A-10 regular-season crown and A-10 tournament crown … Only losses were away to ranked teams (Ohio St, Western Kentucky, Minn., and K-State) … Rides a streak of 18 straight wins into the Big Dance

    * There are 17 teams listed above. It’s possible both A-10′s Dayton and WCC’s BYU could be among the 16 subregionals, if the NCAA Committee decides to award only one SEC team a subregional. Other than that, it’s one or the other that will host. My heart likes Dayton but my head says BYU. I will go with my heart any day! Lol.

    Gooooooooooooooo Bows!

    • tiffers

      to Orbitalripz,
      I believe you mean BYU lost to USD not SDSU as the Aztecs are in the Mountain West for volleyball, not the West Coast Conference, which is where USD plays

      • Orbitalripz

        No problem. Obviously you are correct in saying it was not BYU who lost to SDSU but USD who lost to SDSU Aztecs in the next to last match of the season for the Toreros — even though both play in different conferences.

    • Orbitalripz

      So how did I do this year?

      Pac-12 = 5 for 5

      Big Ten =3 for 3

      Big 12 = 2 for 3 (called Texas & #11-seed Kansas; did not pick #15-seed Iowa State, who upset Texas on last night of regular-season play)

      SEC = 1 for 2 (called Florida and Tennessee; correct would have been Florida and #16-seed Kentucky)

      ACC = 1 for 1

      Big East = 1 for 1

      WCC = 1 for 1

      Big West = -1 for 0 (called unseeded Hawai’i)

      Final: Called 14 for 17 (extra team was Hawai’i) or 82% … Nate Silver would be embarrassed of any result less than 90% correct.

  • bowsfan

    When does the Big West 1st, 2nd, POY and FOY come out.

  • Vinny

    Big West tweeted that awards come out on Tuesday.

  • uhfan

    Are redshirt freshman eligible for FOY awards? If so I think Vorster has a shot. Hartong as POY is a no brainer and I’d probably say Brian as COY with what he’s had to deal with this season and still doing pretty good in conference.

    • GO BOWS!

      i hope so. honestly, i don’t know any other true freshman that has outstanding numbers. Vorster is kind of the only choice, and a good one actually.

  • im just a fan.

    what channel is the NCAA selection show on ?

  • Vinny

    Section 29.2 of the Big West Code Book covers all awards and it says nothing about redshirt freshman.

    All-Freshman Team Selections

    20.2.7 The following process shall be used in selecting the All-Freshman team:
    1. The nomination process and voting deadline shall be the same as for the All-Conference Team.
    2. The seven players receiving the most votes shall be named to the All-freshman team and each shall be awarded a certificate from the Conference.
    3. The player receiving the highest point total in the balloting shall be named Freshman of the Year in addition to being placed on the All-Freshman team. If a different freshman is selected to the All-Conference first team ahead of the player receiving the highest point total in the balloting for Freshman of the Year, the other player shall be named Freshman of the Year.

    I believe that in the WAC redshirt freshman were not eligible for FOY.

  • Vinny

    I love this prediction from Volleyball Bracketology.

    Hawai`i host Bowling Green,Yale and Washington


  • Vinny

    I just want a cake walk to the FF like Penn State usually gets.

  • vballfreak808

    Just checked the selection show on the WatchESPN app and it said its blacked out in this area…

  • Lanaiboy

    Hawaii not a top 16 seed. Will be in the Washington sub-regional. That means two top ten teams (AVCA poll) facing each other.

  • Lanaiboy

    The Omaha regional will be stacked with Oregon, Hawaii, Nebraska, and Washington in the 16 team bracket. All four are ranked in the AVCA top ten. However, this does not consider RPI. I would guess Hawaii fell down in the latest one made available to the selection committee. Some selections hard to believe. Kentucky seeded? Nebraska number 4 after all its recent losses? Does the WCC deserve 6 seeds?

    • Cindy Luis

      Hawaii shouldn’t have dropped in the RPI but you’ll notice tht there won’t be one posted tomorrow. they said last week’s was it.
      to quote Dave Shoji: Think they had the field selected last week.
      As for Kentucky, oh please. the AVCA headquarters is in Lexington. only reason.

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