Wahine-UCR rewind

November 23rd, 2012

What a night. Agree one of the best senior nights ever. The dance by the whole team was very impressive.

A little sloppy at the end but there were lots of subs in.

Hartong 13-3-25, Croson 12-5-27. as mentioned before, she usually plays out of an early funk. finished 9-1-17 after Set 1.

Kastl 5-0-10 in 2 sets, Vorster 2-1-5 in 2, Adolpho 5-2-11 in 2, Tuaniga 3-0-4 in 1, Hagins 2-2-4 in 1, Manu Olevao 3-1-8 in 2. 7 blocks, Kastl 3 BA, Hartong 3 BA. 5 aces, 41 digs 9 by Croson, Hartong and Longo, 8 by Maeda. UH hit 31 for the match, 8 SE

UCR hit 128, 6 aces, 4 in Set 3, 8 SE, 32 digs, 5 blocks.

Think they just wanted to get this one over and get to senior night.

Wahine 18-0 for their fourth straight undefeated conference season.

It wasn’t an impressive win but hard to judge with it being UCR. not a very good team. Hawaii so used to have harder shots coming at them that some of the soft stuff drops.

Anyway, a very fun night for everyone here. A couple of recruits in house, think that was Agost, the 6-2/6-3 middle from Oregon on the bench. Didn’t catch who the other one was.

Next up Sunday selection show. 11 a.m HST on espnu. Wahine will be watching at the arena.

have a good weekend.

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