Who let the Dawgs out?

December 31st, 2007

NEW ORLEANS >> Now that’s a party!

And the after party was even better.

Yesterday was a relatively easy work day, after a 15-hour stint on Saturday. Sunday was just three stories to write as opposed to five the day before. At any rate, I was ready to let off a little steam with the boys and girls on Bourbon Street.

We were bused to Pat O’Brien’s, which is where they invented the hurricane. Actually, I think my college roommates and I invented the hurricane independently when we mixed rum and Hawaiian Punch.

Food was awesome again, it was a pupu deal where they brought trays around with bits of steak, excellent spanokopita (Greek pastry filled with cheese) and other goodie.

We looked down from the balcony at red waves of Georgia fans … plenty of students, as well as alumni.

When the official media party was over, Paul Arnett, Richard Walker and I made our way past the DMZ and a couple blocks down to Johhny White’s, the unoffical UH headquarters on Bourbon. It was home away from home, and we marveled at how many young UH fans had made their way here — most I talked to from Hawaii, rather than the mainland as I figured them for recent college grads who hadn’t found their way back to the islands yet.

Walker got the money shot with pictures of Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann reuniting with his Iolani football teammate and classmate, Warrior Nation Ambassador (New Orleans chapter) Lynn Sapir, the owner of Johnny White’s.

Overall, it was a night of happy chaos on Bourbon Street, where not a UH player was to be seen. A few Bulldogs from deep down the depth chart were spotted, however.

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  • Successful October 22, 2010 at 12:41 am

    Ah, those were the days! Such style, such class and (no offense, boys) PRE-ballcap! The “Sinatra” look is soooooo much sexier! :-) And the inclusion of a woman hunter is so UN-sexist! Thanks, Outdoor Life, for sharing such a great collection! Love the one with the impromptu “camp” made out of a giant log (#41). Would prefer to think this particular gentleman removed a pre-inhabiting bear — rather than dwell on any still-inhabiting insects inside the log!

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