Wrong way/OSU Puntboy

December 30th, 2007

NEW ORLEANS >> Our charter bus headed to the last regular practice for Hawaii before the Sugar Bowl went to the Superdome rather than the Saints’ facility by mistake. Some folks were worried that we might not make it to the UH practice before it ended. But I wasn’t too concerned, since the Warriors usually go a little long two days prior to a game — especially a big one.

Because we were “late” it just meant we stood around in the chill outside of the indoor facility for a few minutes less than we would have. Today’s practice was closed, but we got to talk to a few players.

The players seem to be at just the right emotional level. They’re loose, but they really do want to do everything right so that they represent themselves, the team, the school and the state as well as possible.

Paul Arnett told me the Georgia players were also loose today. I’d heard they were tight earlier in the week. Mark Richt, a master of motivational techniques, probably noticed that and had his assistants lighten up some.

We were fed a very nice lunch today by the Sugar Bowl folks. It included collard greens, a personal favorite. Grilled chicken, jambalaya and chopped salad. Very nice.

Tonight we go to Pat O’Brien’s for a media gathering. I can’t even begin to mention all the other parties; there are several being hosted by folks from Hawaii, and I’m sure we’ll try to stop by as many of those as possible.


Former Ohio State punter and Punahou athlete Scott Terna just arrived. Scott’s an outstanding sports photographer. He’ll be shooting the Sugar Bowl for UH and the national championship for This Week in Football in Ohio.


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  • wildwahine December 30, 2007 at 12:30 pm

    That’s too funny, at least I not the only one. Gads why didn’t ya pack me in your suitcase (hahahha) Aloha! Did ya eat crawdads yet? Saw ya all media on the ABC channel 26 from LadyJazz seek her out, she’s a warrior fan and loves all of ya’all. Plus correct them everyone not all from the Big Island to the Big Easy, it’s the Big Pop to the Big Easy (hah, only joke Dave) Hawaii da island is easily mistaken for all the islands……that’s ok as look they don’t play ukeleles too much or try to dance the ha’a. (dey tink we tak funy)

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